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Spiritual Astrology
By: / Novice
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Spiritual astrology is almost the same as regular astrology. The only difference here is that while general astrology is general rendition of prediction of a person, spiritual astrology or esoteric astrology as it is sometimes called, is the science that looks at the soul's present and past transitions. This aspect is not very common, as most people would prefer to know what the present life holds in store for them rather than what is the position of the soul. In fact, most of the people who seek to know different things about their past, present and future do not even know that there is another type of astrology available at all, leave alone refer to it.

Who is a spiritual astrologer?
Astrology is generally practiced by people who study this science in detail and depth. The best astrologers are also people with exceptional mathematical skills, because everything in this science involves calculations. This is one major reason why computers were easily adapted to read" someone future because it is easy to program a computer to calculate anything. Therefore, if you feed in the computer your date and place of birth, it could then apply the required formulas and give you the destiny chart that represents the position of all the planets in the different houses of your horoscope.

The regular astrology would of course, be able to look at many nuances that the computer would be unable to "see" since it cannot do anything outside the mathematical formulas with which you have programmed it. That brings us to the spiritual astrology. This overview would enrich you by giving you an in-depth description of the purpose for which you are making the present journey in life. It will look directly at the spiritual soul and help you understand many 'whys' of your life.

The person who specializes in this art is known as the spiritual astrologer. This breed of people are a little clairvoyant themselves and "feel" your vibes as well as your vibrations at the same time as they find the purpose of your soul. In many case people who draw up the chart of the journey of your spiritual soul do not draw the regular horoscopes, as this world take too much time. The readings here would take about one to three hours and the astrologer would have to make a lot of effort to 'read' the path and direction of your soul.

In most cases the spiritual astrologer would ask you to get your regular horoscope with you and he or she would then concentrate upon it and seek the path your spiritual soul is taking and what it the reason for this path. This is a science, which is as old as the Ancient Greeks as there are records that mentions this science way back then. In the present context, this is used mostly as the means to gain a better understanding of their life, more so when many things happen that seems unrelated and you are seeking a plausible explanation for it.
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