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Phoenix Arisen
Post # 1
This last year my life was shattered and I was left broken and defeated by despair. I carried the heavy burden of blame and self loathing, gifts from from soul mate of 20 years and my best friend - a sister in magic. A year later, I discovered that the rumors and my own suspicions are true, they played a nasty game on me. They had been having an affair for two months at least under my roof when my children were home and in front of them. They even went to other places when I was home, pretending to be anywhere else. They played dark and deceitful tricks on me shaming me and and telling untruths. And now she is due to have the baby that he and I had been trying to conceive. I lost the ground from beneath my feet...again transforming this time ascending from flames like a phoenix reborn. None of this was my fault. It had nothing to do with my mentality except maybe that I was kind and trusting, vulnerable and weak. I had been betrayed! I was angry and bitter, full of vengeance and hate. Up until today, I was desperate to get somehow make them see my pain. Not trusting that we would fairly take and fairly give. Or that the Universe and the Goddess would find them karma or rightful payment for their actions. I studied all aspects of the threefold rule trying to find the ground beneath my feet again. I do not want to sink down to their level. I do not practice vindictive magick. Today I found some light in all of this...I am hardened, but I am turning my anger and bitterness into strength. I will never be made a fool again. I have changed my identity on all accounts and I'm moving. I am starting over, but this time as a stronger and wiser woman. I will be the person I want to be... A mother, a witch, a writer, and a teacher. It is time to take control of my life and find balance and contentment. That, to me, is magickal.
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Re: Phoenix Arisen
Post # 2
I am deeply sorry for this betrayal to you by those you trusted, but the fact that you turned away from a vengeful path and gathered strength from this tragic event shows me that you are above all a very strong woman and that you will be blessed with more opertunities to make your mark in this lifetime. I pray for all good things to come your way.
Blessings and providence:
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Re: Phoenix Arisen
Post # 3
Thank you so much!
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