Guide or Empath..Or both?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Guide or Empath..Or both?

Guide or Empath..Or both?
Post # 1
So ive been told that i could be a guide and or an empath. I was told these things because when i was a little girl i use to have nightmares that involved my loved ones or the people around me to die and id wake up sweaty and screaming then i woudlnt sleep for days at a time. Now when i go to sleep i dont dream i wake up with what feels like a 5 minute nap. Then i get sudden random unexplainable urges of emotions and there strong emotions that just take over me and il be overcome with anger or just cry for no reason. So i was wondering what everyone elses opinion of theses things and maybe help tell me if im a guide or empath or both!
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Re: Guide or Empath..Or both?
Post # 2
Sounds like empathy to me. When I first discovered I had the gift for it I was upset all the time. I would snap at the drop of a hat on anyone. I was depressed and happy and angry and fearful all at once. It was a really bad time for me. Of course nowadays I can control it. I can help you if you want. Just message me. I have been an empath now for 7 years. I have considerable experience in this area.
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Re: Guide or Empath..Or both?
Post # 3
ive been practicing meditation although still not good at it and energy control for 14 years so im seasoned with some experience and knowledge so i have this issue to, or so ive also always had bad dreams or bad feelings or even death about someone anytime its sparatic and im always right about almost everything everything i say is right i never know all...... nd after reading this... it never occurred to me i might be an not very knowledgeable on the subject i read tarot got my first deck at 14 so am i ?? an empath??
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