Shadow Attached to Me?

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Shadow Attached to Me?
Post # 1
over the last few months ive seen a shadow darting around my bedroom. my lights would flicker at night (neither bulbs are going out) sometimes going out completely. ive had items soar across the room and break. recently tho i dont see it. instead i feel like my blood vessels r pulsing and spreading a dark mist through my body. im generally a kind person but now i feel hostile and like i could hurt someone without a care. also, dont know if it has anything to do with it, ive suddenly picked up the desire to tilt my head left o right repeatedly without reason. any reasons for this?
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Re: Shadow Attached to Me
Post # 2
From what it sounds like its probably demonic possession. Try a cleansing and if that doesn't work try an exorcism.

Dark Blessings
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Re: Shadow Attached to Me?
Post # 3
Sounds like a Black entity.. Have you tried talking to it.Confronting?. I would say demonic.. From what I know. I would say the last resort excercism . i fear this due to if it does nt work it will anger more.. It could also just be a angry spirit. They can show as a shadow,, any spirits energy can cause the lights being tempermental but I know that I have the ability to make lights flicker and turn off and on with my energy. If I am angry or scaired. Try a cleansing and protection spell / try wearing black tourmaline for protect, get or make some dragons blood.. Close portals in or near your room. Did you do spell work without closing?? Get any new items in the home around that time that may have brought the entity in??
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Re: Shadow Attached to Me?
Post # 4
i alway close after a spell. i'll try those things thanks
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Re: Shadow Attached to Me?
Post # 5
Shadows can be anything. From a thought form from the sub consciousness which can act like an entity but once you comes to terms with fear and what not, it will disappear. That's not to say that the psychological shadows are not if not worse than the actual entity because self shadow can be much nastier to deal with. Actual shadows (real entities ) can be really hard to get rid of because it takes a lot of "universe' light to get rid of them. The entity will drain a room or a person of energy and extremely anger. Often they hold a lot of rage and will make the atmosphere around the house will become more hostile. No shadows are not "demonic" or just strictly demon activity. A the actual shadow can be any etheric being thats a shell of its former selves for various reasons. However they're pretty rare to find. You probably should cleanse your space and use light energy to get rid of it. However if that fails then its a shadow your sub consciousness made and wont disappear until you work out whatever issues you have fear of confronting.
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