How can i?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> How can i?

How can i?
Post # 1
How can i understand do spirits speak me or don't?
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Re: How can i?
Post # 2
I need clarification of your request...
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Re: How can i?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
confusing question, but letsee...

sit alone in your house, the tv/radio turned off, everythings quiet. sit in a meditative state [cast a circle if you're worried] and ask 'is anyone here?' or 'hello' or something like that. from here you must listen. you may here movement, like footsteps, or perhaps a reply to your question. if it's movement, make sure it's not a pet, or a family memeber returning home or something. voices are different for each spirit, so there isn't an exact 'they will sound like this' explanation. it should sound like someone's talking to you. how you talk with your friend, you hear their voice and you can tell it's not your voice? that's what i mean. sometimes a voice can sound like it's all around you [typical for demons, but demons are rare to meet unless invited] or louder in one are of the room. or they'll talk so fast or high/low you can't make out works, but you can tell someones speaking.

another way to 'hear' spirits, when using a pendulum, typically, my friends and i sense/hear a voice in our heads with the answer before it moves.
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Re: How can i?
Post # 4
the only spirit you want talking to you is God,i suggest you focus on hearing from God,by pray and studying the bible, spent time talking to God in pray,try pslam 23 to start with and the Lord's pray. also it ok while in pray to ask God questions, practice the present of God by asking his advice on everything
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Re: How can i?
Post # 5
Now, now, let us not discount other spirits. You can learn much from other spirits besides the christian god.

If you want to talk to spirits I would work on opening your third eye
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