Break Up Spell for Me

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Break Up Spell for Me
Post # 1
Is it black magic if I break me and my bf up using magic,?
hes in love with me but I have a thing for someone else, and I can't all of a sudden just break it up for no reason that's not going to make sense to him or other people.
So is this like bad ?
PLEASE don't suggest break up with him in person or anything like that thanks.
and Does anyone have any good spells for this?? Thanks.
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Re: Break Up Spell for Me
Post # 2
well, i feel that it would not a be a good thing to do considering that you are bending his free will to meet what you want. I know breaking up is a very hard thing to do, but sometimes infact many times, it is best to try to solve something on your own instead of turning to a spell. i use spells now and then, but if i can do something on my own, i tend to try that first before trying a spell. A relationship is always about talking and communication so even if you wanted to end it, it may be best in the situation to talk to him about it. Its your decision of course, but i feel that a spell is not the best option in this situation~ if you feel on your end that you may not like him, try to work it out and say things are not working out. Of course i do understand such a thing may not be easy to do~
Best of luck on what ever you decide~
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Re: Break Up Spell for Me
Post # 3
Did you meet this 'other' person 'while' you were 'with' him ? If so using a 'breakup spell' would only backfire as your reasons for doing so are not good ones therefore making it an 'evil 'spell. How long have you been together ? Why is he in love and NOT you ? Yes there is a spell for it BUT using it makes YOU vulnerable to someone using it on YOU as well since the intention is NOT good.....
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Re: Break Up Spell for Me
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Hunny, just go up to and him say, "I like this other guy, like seriously. So our dating has ended." It's better to ATTEMPT the feat before attempting spells. Those spells could be done wrong and end up having a worse affect, and depending on who answers the spell the break up could happen in a bloody fashion. Be careful for what you wish for.

Besides, being honest will be amazing. Just at least try telling him it's over, that means actually telling him and not chickening out. There IS a reason you are breaking up with him, it's you like somebody else.
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Re: Break Up Spell for Me
By: / Novice
Post # 5
There are plenty or "repell/discourage a suitor spells" out there and many are easy and very effective and I would not classify those as "black" magick.

Furthermore, the very first spell girls used in TV show Charmed, can succesfuly be used, for it's a version of Cut and Clear spell.

Just dress candles with Lemon and Lemon verbena. And use alcohol with a pinch of Asafoetida or Red Cayenn e pepper as burning base etc

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Re: Break Up Spell for Me
Post # 6
Break up with him and deal with it because magic isn't a fix all you will need to learn to deal with real life at some point you could try everything it wouldn't work because its not meant to work
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