Your dreams

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Your dreams
Post # 1
Key words...FOr your you are a woman and dream that you are in a room full of men, highlights the masculine aspect of yourself and forces you to acknowledge your authorities and aggressive side. Consider also how the men are dressed as this will provide a clue as to what area in your life you need to assert more power.

second keyword robe:To see or wear a robe in your dream, signifies personal issues that you need to confront. The dream may also refer to your secret desire to let loose. Definitions

3rd keyword: Black:Black symbolizes the unknown, unconscious, danger, mystery, darkness, death, mourning, hate or malice. If the feeling in the dream is one of joy, blackness could imply hidden spirituality and divine qualities. To dream in black and white, suggests that you need to be more objective in formulating your decisions. You may be a little too unyielding in your thought process and thus need to find some sort of balance between two opposing views. Consider the views and opinions of others. Alternatively, black and white dreams is a sign of depression or sadness. You may feel that there is not enough excitement in your life.

4th keyword Ring:To see a ring in your dream, symbolizes emotional wholeness, continuity and commitments. If the ring is on your finger, then it signifies your commitment to a relationship or a successful new endeavor. It also indicates your loyalty to your ideals, responsibilities, or beliefs. To see a broken ring in your dream, indicates that your loyalty is called into question. Someone is attacking your sense of loyalty. It is indicative of disappointments and separation. To dream that you lose a ring or someone has stolen your ring, represents insecurity. Perhaps you are losing interest in some relationship or issue. To dream that you receive a ring, denotes that your suspicions and worries over you lover will end. You will come to realize that he is true to his heart and will devote himself to your interest.

last keyword: Pentagram:To see a pentagram in your dream, represents the connection of your spirit to the earth, air, fire, and water. These elements contribute to various aspect of your well-being. It signifies protection. To see an inverted pentagram, signifies conflict, negativity and aggression. It is often associated with Satanism and evil. Are you feeling guilty about something? Alternatively, it represents the physical world. It points to the notion that you may be on the materialistic side.
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Re: Your dreams
Post # 2
This is very interesting. I am hoping that you can answer a question for me. In my dreams there is always water. Can you tell me the significance of water in a dream? It has been bothering me for some time now. It is in nearly every dream I have.
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