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Post # 1
I seem to be able to get some of my wishes to come true naturally. One person was bugging me so I just thought leave me alone. Next day he deleted his profile out of the blue. I seem to be able to harm people just by wishing for it. Also I'll think of something that will happen in my life and it does happen. Not always how I expect but it still happens. I have always been persuasive and could talk a lot of people into letting me have my way (sometimes) like when choosing teams. It seems I'm emerging a power. It is becomming more known to me but I can't always control it. Does anyone have a name for this? I want to grow stronger in this area.
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Re: Wish
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Wish
Post # 3
i think its energy... if my boyfriends being a jerk and im pissed something stupid will happen like whatever s in his hand will break or pop or he usually steps on something even on vacuum day.... i can feel if someone dies or goes to jail its weird im not always on time but im always close...and a wish said over and over can be considered a prayer by some... we chant during spells (prayers( dont we...) just a thought to consider blessings dear..
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Re: Wish
Post # 4
What would people call it. This power is growing.
Ex: I thought this person should really leave me alone. The next day he deleted his account.

I wanted to run into somebody that I knew one time and when I rounded the corner there they where.

I wished a person would be hurt and they did within a few hours.

I wished that I could get nose hoops, my mom offers to pick some up the next day.

There are a lot more examples but I picked recent ones. This happens a lot with little things and usually don't fully become. Does anyone have a name for this. Or anyway of controlling it. Most of the time it doesn't work and when it does it's usually with things I really don't care about getting/happening.
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Re: Wish
Post # 5
well isnt moving or doing things with your mind technically telekinesis? im not sure how possible t is on this plane... but things happen to me..
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Re: Wish
Post # 6
Leadership. You could use it for healing.
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