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Post # 1
My friend was telling me about some "monsters" that he has seen around his house and a friends house as well. I'm going to go into as much detail as I can, however I have not seen them myself, so it makes it difficult to describe them, please forgive me if I can't give enough details.

I'll start with the one I have the most details for. For the sake of explanation I will call the one who told me Bob, and the other Bill.

Bob's monster was at an abandoned farm house across from his home. He converted the place to be his home away from home. He at first only saw the monster from a far away distance. He was scared to go near the place without friends. So when a few were visiting they went down together at almost dark to check the place out. I won't continue with the story, however he described the creature as being 9 feet tall, very human like, but longer legs and inhumanly thin. It also had animal paws for feet. When he saw it, it was standing in the chimney. He said after it knew he had seen it, it disappeared up the chimney.

At Bill's home there is a fox like creature that stands on two legs. At full height it stands about 6 feet tall, maybe taller.

I'm sorry to have to call them monsters, however mystical just didn't fit.

I do believe that my friends were telling the truth, because they were talking to a preacher at the time, a preacher that they respect more then anyone else.

And please forgive me if this post is a terrible one, it is my first.
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Re: Monsters
Post # 2
I'm not sure about the first friends monster but the second friend may have seen a Kitsune (Fox Spirit). They are known to be fairly mischievious but some are good depending on how you act towards them :)

They, unlike humans, they have no concept of good or bad and they are fairly smart creatures :)

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Re: Monsters
Post # 3
I was thinking that the fox like creature was a kitsune, but I don't know. It doesn't seem like it would be from what I've heard about kitsune, but I've never met one so it could be.
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Re: Monsters
Post # 4
was there any description on the eyes of the first creature? i cannnot tell u what they r, but i can say this, there have been hundreds of thousands of monster sightings in history, but few monster killing, exept via werewolves, vampires and the ocasional sasquatch. they probly arent going to hurt anyone. i wouldnt go looking for them, but if i saw them on ocassion id consider myself lucky to have seen it. if they wanted to know the creatures better, instruct them to leave both vegitarian and not, predpared and unprepared asortments of food near yhe sighting locations. im sure the preacher told them to pray, if they r scared they should. there is a very good change these monsters will not want to be seen and move away quickly after being seen to much, however, they may show up so frequently that ur friends may be tempted to move. id stay away from the human one, and be sure to have a wepon on me wen near the fox-like creature. but thats just what id do, u n ur friends can make up ur own minds. just be careful, look into yhe native american legends from ur area, and it never hurts to ask questions and do ur research, good luck with ur friends monsters:)
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Re: Monsters
Post # 5
Honestly it could have been a number of things. From animal spirit (which gets into totems ) to having an over active imagination. Normally if it was a spirit your mind will process it something you can understand. I personally wasn't there so I can't tell you with certainty what it was or wasn't,but personally I've never encountered a "monster" astrally.
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