gemstone water

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gemstone water
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Making gemstone water is actually very simple, you will need the following ingredients for this: a glass vessel, a gemstone, bottled spring water or boiled (and cooled) tapwater, a windowsill

Before you start making gemstone water you will have to make the choice whether you wish to use the energies of the sun or the energies of the moon. The sun will charge your gemstone water with soothing, soft and warm energies while the various moon phases will give a different result.

The Moon phases:

Waxing Moon: The energies of the waxing moon are suited for new projects, new relations and to plant new seeds.

Full Moon: The Full Moon is the symbol of positive magick, blessing, creativity, healing and reinforcement.

Waning Moon: The energies of the waning moon are connected to get rid of bad habits, negative thoughts and to build down things, to purge yourself from all negativity from the outside world, but also from within yourself.

New Moon: The New Moon is the time of death, a time to stop and look inside yourself and to realize that you can always start again, no matter what happened to you. It is the time to halt an illness or a pattern of thoughts and give it a positive spin.
It is therefore important to ask yourself for which purpose you wish to use the gemstone water before you start.

Put the stone in the glass vessel and fill it up to 3/4 with spring water or the cooled down tapwater. Put the vessel with the stone in it on your windowsill for 12 hours and leave it to charge there without interruption. If you have decided to make use of the energies of the sun, you should take into account that certain stones may discolour in direct sunlight.

You can enhance your immune system by drinking a few glasses of gemstone water every day, but you may also use it to wash your face and/or hands, especially for skin disorders it is advisable to use Aventurine water to wash yourself. Next to that it is also possible to give your plants this water, the stones that are highly suited for this are Jade and Moss Agate.
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Re: gemstone water
Post # 2
this is a great thread!
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Re: gemstone water
Post # 3
wow I knew abpout holy water but not about gemstone water!
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Re: gemstone water
Post # 4
i would suggest keeping the stones seperate from the water cause your gonna end up poisoning yourself if you put them in direct contact with the water, some stones are toxic or contain metals that can be harmful in large doses. and some could be really harmful if ingested a some are safe but be realistic here it would be just as effective to keep them outside of the water or not in direct contact with the water like some contain tin or aluminum if this is something you would do often i would suggest keep them seperate cause some stones can be very toxic like poisonous so if this is something you choose to do seems very harmless but it could unintentionally become something really bad. and also try not to leave water out for too long because it can develop bacteria. many people would think its common knowledge but its not always apparent in anyones mind too take these precautions in order to do this safely cause it would be an absolute tragedy if a mistake was made like that, so anyone new to this i hope you read this comment cause it could save a whole lotta greif.
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Re: gemstone water
By: / Novice
Post # 5
thank you chill... for reminding me

Toxic Stones

One of the ways stones have been used in history is to make gem elixirs. They can have wonderful healing properties and can be very useful in transfering the properties of the stone into your body directly. However, there are some stones that must never be used in the making of elixirs as they can be horribly toxic. Typically they are stones containing copper, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, barium or mercury. Typically, its best to avoid making elixirs and massage oils of any stone/ mineral/ crystals containing any kind of metal. If you don't know the chemical make-up of the kind of rock you have - avoid any blue or green stone, because most of the blue and green stones get their color fromits copper contents, especially the bright colored ones. Also avoid any shiny, metal-like stone, because most metals are toxic to humans. Stones that contain arsenic or mercury must never be worn or even handled without gloves due to their high level of toxicity. If you are ever unsure, please find a chemical evaluation of your chosen stone before use.

Listed below is a small (and very incomplete) list of stones that must not be ingested in any form whatsoever.

Amazonite - use with caution, the color is a result of traces of copper
Atacamite - poisonous (copper)
Auricalcite - Poisonous (zinc and copper)
Azurite - poisonous (copper)
Boji-stones - unfit - (contains some sulfur)
Bronchantite - unfit and poisonous (copper)
Chalcantite - poisonous (copper)
Chalcopyrite - poisonous (copper and sulfur)
Cinnabar - poisonous (mercury/quicksilver)
Conachalcite - poisonous (copper)
Copper - poisonous
Chrysocolla - poisonous (copper)
Cuprite - poisonous (copper)
Dioptase - poisonous (copper)
Gem Silica - poisonous (copper)
Galena/ Galenite - poisonous (almost 90 percent lead)
Garnierite (Genthite/ Falcondoite) - Contains nickel
Halite - Will dissolve in water (technically ediable when purified but can contain harmful minerals and bacteria when not.)
Hematite - will rust
Lapis Lazuli - poisonous (pyrite inclusions)
Magnetite - unfit (Iron, will rust)
Marcasite - poisonous (sulfur) (same chemical make-up as pyrite)
Mohawkite - poisonous (copper, ARSENIC etc. Keep away from children!)
Psiomelan - poisonous (barium)
Pyrite (fool's gold) - poisonous (sulphur)
Realgar - poisonous (sulfur and ARSENIC. Keep away from children!)
Stibnite - has Lead, Antimony
Smithsonite (Galmei/Zinc spar) - poisonous (zinc. May also contain copper)
Ulexite - The rock will lose its luster when in contact with water
Vanadanite - Poisonous (lead)
Wulfenite - Poisonous (lead and molybdenum)

Author Unkown To Me
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Re: gemstone water
Post # 6
I put a piece of tumbled hematite in water, and it did not rust oxo;;;
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Re: gemstone water
Post # 7
rusting of hematite is a slow process, the rust will appear as red streak
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Re: gemstone water
Post # 8
I've made this before. I learned it from a book called "Magical Housekeeping" (I don't remember the author right now) and in that book they use it in room sprays and floor washes to help bring the gem's power into the whole room.
I often spray a mist with rose quarts water, lavender oil and vanilla oil at night to help me sleep.
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Re: gemstone water
Post # 9
I've tried this today i read online the water tastes different when you place a crystal in the glass. so what im doing is i have two glasses filled with tap water but one has a clear quarts crystal inside. I put both glasses in the fridge so im gonna see how it turns out im interested.
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