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Post # 1
i had this dream eight years ago around my 17th birthday.
in the middle of outer space, swiming in a lake, lots of stars, the orange planet staurn taking up at least half of the sky, the far end of the lake looks like it dropped off like those pools

i know this is a rough outline, but if anyone knows of a good dream dictionary i would really appriciate it.
thank you
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Re: dream
Post # 2
Well I dont know a dream dictionary but I do interprate them. And Iknow this is far featched but I think your ment to be an asternaut.
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Re: dream
By: / Novice
Post # 3
oooh!!! i just got a new one i've ben wanting to try out [but ever since i got it, i can't remember my dreams]

before i interpret it [cuz i want to try out the book if that's alright] you could check out 500 Dream Interpretations by Helen Bertrand, it's a good one for beginners, it has the more common things in dreams and a couple chapters at the beginning on dreams. you could also check out, i like that site, and it was one of the first dream sites i was on. [the new book i'm trying out is 12,000 dreams interpreted for the 21 century by Gustavus Hindman Miller]

space: creativity

swimming: augury of success if you're swimming without trouble. dissatisfaction if you keep slipping under the waves.

lake: generally it's the mind. [is the lake clear? or is it polluted? this can alter the interpretation. i'm gonna go with calm clear waters] happiness, good health and fortune are on their way.

Stars: [lots of bright stars i'm guessing] good health and prosperity.

Saturn: discipline and limitations, or rebirth. [it could be either so far]

orange: spiritual growth, personal nourishment, and good times. [this is where things tend to differ, the could could be something you like, so you need to interpret how the colour makes you feel, but overall, orange is a positive colour]

planet: uncomfortable journey and hard work.

drop: good health

overall, this sounds like a very positive, good dream [and this book seems pretty good too, couple things are different from what i'm use to but over all good. thanks for letting me test it out ^_^]
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