energizing spirits

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energizing spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 1
i did a cleaning/purification of my house, and normally i do this in may, not march, because the spirits who dwell inside are stronger. right now they're all very weak, and i was wondering if anyone knows of any good methods of making them stronger? i've been raising my aura so rori can feed off it, and i might meditate with a ouija board later, but does anyone know of some herbs or stones or something?
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Re: energizing spirits
Post # 2
I have never heard of anyone trying to strengthen the spirits within their home, how wonderful ^_^. Because you are asking about this, I take it its safe to assume they are not negative entities. I would suggest clear quartz. For herbs, perhaps something for protection would help them. Willow is good for this, and is beneficial to spirits, while raising psychic awareness in people. Good luck and bright blessings!
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Re: energizing spirits
Post # 3
Ive noticed when I do alot of energy work(reflexology, reiki), spirit activity increases alot. You can try chakra meditation. I heard the spirits will sometimes feed of the excess energy around you, so make sure there is plenty of it,

I think I accidentally got rid of the spirits in my room by doing a cleansing spell with a white candle and basil. Not sure either what to do in my case
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Re: energizing spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 4
thanks. Rori's not an evil spirit, he's Rori lol. he's mischievous, and while he cares deeply for me and has attacked people who have hurt me, he doesn't listen and can get on my friends nerves. i did a rather basic cleansing; i washed my floors with a brew of rosemary sea salt and lemon, sprinkled sea salt on all the windows and used cinnamon incense in all the room while doing a little chant. it didn't work on him though lol. i did it the strongest in my sisters room because somethings terrorizing her at night, and that's normally Rori [he hates my sister and he normally woke me up at 2-3AM] i can tell it weakened him though. thanks for everything ^_^
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