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Post # 1
just a simple question, is a wand very important in spell casting? sorry im a total noobie
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Re: wands
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
A wand is just like any other "tool". It may well help if you really believe it is of help.It is only important if you want it to be important!
I have been a witch for over seventy years, and I have never had a wand. My witch teacher never had one, either!
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Re: wands
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Some people say that wands choose you and they have to be linked in to your star sign and your element as oppose to what Brysing has just said. Essentially wands are used to direct the energy used in most forms of spell casting therefore wands are not compulsory as energy can be directly channeled from the body or surroundings.
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Re: wands
Post # 4
I fully agree with the above posts, as tools are not really neccessary to perform magick, they are energy focusing devices and help you focus the energy.
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Re: wands
Post # 5
Wands like any other 'tool' of magic is simply that a 'tool'. They are NOT a requirement. They can be made of ( almost ) anything usually something natural. Different woods for different types of casting. You can add things like crystals etc to give them more power. The power of the wand is NOT in the wand it is in YOU, the wand merely 'directs' what you want it to.......a finger can do in a pinch or if you just want to practice without a wand......
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Re: wands
Post # 6
Wow I dont know whete to Considers me a newbe but im 43 and been prac. Since I was like 4 yrs.differant areas and I can work with all the elements. I wont bore u read my profile if u want. I dont and never have beleaved in against them unless its like candles ,insence, and my energys. My oldest son took me to a home back from 1700 make it fast the towns people were afraid of them and kill a hole family,servants they were good witches. The grandmother was the strongest and died lastthe walk up to it was worst then when I went son walked though the door way I said theres a sheild up in the doorway I saw it .i was scared and I know not to be but I couldnt dampen my energys,i wished to hace more protection I looked down there was a stick it was for me like it said my name.i picked it up went up to the door frame and tested the energys with my left hand stick in my right.i knew I was welcomed in. my son said mom a stick? How is that going to help?.lol. I felt safe in the half burned down home there are bad things in there but would not come near me or out.nothing followed us out or down the path there was things sitting on the side of the path that stayed put and let us pass I felt safe the hole way back.theres more but I already wrote to much. The stick looks like ash its the perfect size for a wand it feels so right in my hand I feel that this was for me to find. Does anyone have any advice on this? If you want to know more id be happy to tell u and get ur advice thank you if u read alll
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