The Witch's Pyramid

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The Witch's Pyramid
Post # 1
The Witch's Pyramid
Hey friends this post is for those who are just beginners who don't know much about basics and are new to this world
this was the first lesson i learned so i thought i should share to you
The witch craft is a very mysterious place but we also need to follow few rules so now there are four basic rules of witch craft
may of us refers it as witch pyramid

so there are four corner stones
(1) a virulent imagination
(2) a will of fire
(3) Rock hard faith
(4) and flair of secrecy

Imagination being the ability to conjure up within your mind sights and scenes to delight the senses
and entertain the fancy, it is the tool par excellence of the artist, inventor and inveterate onanist.
The ability to indulge in a flight of fancy is of paramount importance to a witch
Here we see it as visualization...

It almost goes without saying that the establishment of a potent will is one of the main goals of a practitioner of Magic
Arts. The will in this instance is a magical one, however, and if viewed out of magical context and
within the framework of everyday life, would constitute a splendid example of extravagant
egocentricity or even megalomania.
Without a strong will of success you wont be able to achieve your desired results as you need ot be strong enough to force a thing to happen.
stronger the magician stronger is his spell is my belief

Now this may seem a strange thing for a witch to concern herself
with, but it is quite true to say that all magical power is largely dependent on this, whether it be
wielded by people calling themselves witches or saints, as the case may be. Whether you cast a spell
for the sake of a church, yourself, or anyone else makes not one jot of a difference. A spell is a spell,
whether it sounds like a prayer or an incantation
until you believe in your self your own power your on doing till then you wont be able to get success
you must know who you are never give up if you fail at once then try again and again this will be the test of both your will and faith in yourself.

Now witchcraft consists of knowledge, and knowledge brings power. Power
shared is power lost. Although we have entered the Age of Aquarius, along with its attendant freedom
and loosening of restrictions, it will still be very much in your own interests as a witch to shroud
certain of your doings in a reasonable veil of secrecy

Definition Extracts for
Mastering witchcraft by Paul huson
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Re: The Witch's Pyramid
Post # 2
Very informative Perseus.Thank you for posting this.
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Re: The Witch's Pyramid
Post # 3
thanks air i am glad you like it
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Re: The Witch's Pyramid
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Thank you so much for your post.
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