How To: Meditate

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How To: Meditate
Post # 1
Hey everyone! I see a lot of beginners on here (heck even I am) and I notice that many of you are asking how to cast spells and get right into the more difficult/complicated stuff before you learn the vital basics of Magick.

One of the basics is meditating, learning to quiet the mind and stop all the random thoughts going on in your brain. Meditation is important for spell casting because part of being able to cast spells is being able to concentrate your energy, and focus on what you're doing, and not the day-to-day hassles that we encounter.

So lets get to it.

To meditate, start off in comfortable clothes, lose the skinny jeans and your tight shirt! Get in some pajamas, preferably loose clothing that doesn't bother you.

Sit in a comfortable position or lie down (I recommend sitting) keep your back straight, but again, maintain that comfort. Take a deep breath and let it out as slowly as you breathed it in. Count your breaths, 1...2....3, wait three seconds, and then exhale 1.....2....3. If a thought comes through interrupting your quieted mind, simply recognize it being there, and let it go, don't branch off from it. At first, meditating will be difficult, but like anything, with practice comes perfection.

Now, once your mind has quieted, imagine a warm, white liquid-light going through your body, starting at your crown (above your head) Imagine it going through you, and as it goes over your muscles, it relaxes them, letting you enter a deep state of meditation.

After about 10 minutes of that, become aware of your surroundings again, and go one with your day. . . pretty simple huh? That's because meditation is that, it is simple, don't overthink it! Meditating is a great way to relieve stress and spiritually get to know yourself, after awhile of getting into routine daily meditation, you'll find yourself feeling better, more confident, and more calm during tough/stressful situations.

This site helped me a lot when I first started meditating over a year or two ago.

Hopefully I helped a few of you!
Blessed Be!
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Re: How To: Meditate
Post # 2
When people ask me to teach them I always start out by telling them to learn to meditate. I send a link to this post not just because you teach it right, but because I like the way you talked about people wanting to jump in.
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Re: How To: Meditate
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
People do the same to me when they ask me to teach them something. I always hear the same thing from beginners...."I can't" or "It's impossible to clear my mind!" And they will say this after trying it for a few day or just one... But, I believe once people get pasted the beginning and start to learn more, they will understand that work gets the best results.
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