Scrying Tools: Pendulum

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Scrying Tools: Pendulum
Post # 1

Hello everyone i would like to make a new post, i know there are other post about how to make your own pendulum. You can use pendulums for scrying in divination and also for spirit communication.

What is a Pendulum?

A Pendulum is a divination ( scrying tool) that can be used to help you communicate with spirits, connect with the spiritual realm, it also helps you find lost items, and it also used in dowsing. Also called divining and can be used to provide helpful information

Pendulums can be made from anything, from a piece of thread with a cotton ball tied to the end, from using a ring, coins, crystals and gemstones can be used also. Just think of anything you would like to use for your pendulum tool. I think pendulums are really interesting spiritual tools. I really like to use them to help ask certain questions or to help find something i might have missplaced or lost. It comes in handy.

Charging/Cleansing Pendulums

There are many ways and methods ones can use to charge and cleanse pendulums. I like to use these methods because they really help my pendulum work much better and be more accurate for when using them. I mainly use sea salt and blessed water to cleanse and charge my pendulums. I usually place my pendulum in the bowl filled with blessed water. Now i like to use either moonlight or sunlight. Depending on your situation. I think using sunlight energy is much more efficient that way. It gives off more energy.

You don't have to have just one pendulum. You can have many. You can make or buy more then one. But personally in my experience it is bet to make yours if you can. But if you are not so crafty its best to buy one that really attracts your attention and calls to you.

I hope this little small post helps a few people who are new to pendulums. Blessed Be

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Re: Scrying Tools: Pendulum
Post # 2
I'm pretty set on the basics of the pendulum but how do you use it for spirit communication.
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Re: Scrying Tools: Pendulum
Post # 3
on that note how do you find a pendulum that was misplaced//ok hidden by our spirit in the home.. my daughter and i had just purchased necklace ones. I dont take mine off but she does and always puts on nightstand.. First ended up behind my porcelain dolls downstairs. A few nights later again vanished and nowhere to be found..
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Re: Scrying Tools: Pendulum
Post # 4

Hmm well heres the thing it also really good to have more the one pendulum around. Because if did you lost one of them you can use to other one to find that. Thats what makes them really handy. They are pretty accurate when it comes to finding things you have missplaced or lost. They at least can also give you clues as to where you have left them. You can havce more then one pendulum. I carry 2 at the moment.

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Re: Scrying Tools: Pendulum
Post # 5
I've been using pendulums for many,many years, and as you stated they can find lost items, people, divination, all sorts of intuitive answers can be ascertained with them and with practice and intuition they can give more than a yes/no answer.
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