an epiphany!

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an epiphany!
Post # 1
Hi, I'm pretty new on here, though I've been lurking a while. When those more knowledgeable than me recommend only using magic for good, I didn't heed the warnings. I have been trying to control another person against their will for my own gratification. I'll tell you what has happened.....I am now completely obsessed with said person and all I will end up doing is damaging our friendship aswell as losing my family.....long story but person is husband's best friend. I see how manipulative and wrong it is, and I am ashamed, but glad I despised but any more harm was done.
so a big thank you to those wiser and greater than me!
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Re: an epiphany!
Post # 2
The question of what is good and bad completely depends on who you're asking. Most have justification for what they do, and those without justification and don't care for what is wrong or right are normally diagnosed with a very serious personality disorder.

Using magic only for what you consider good is up to you, entirely. Using magic only out of selflessness is practically impossible because we gain from everything we do and we aim to gain some kind of satisfaction. Whether that be to help a lost child find their mother or to rob a bank we still aim to somehow get some form of satisfaction.

Never using magic against a person's will is entirely up to you as well, it can both turn out well and turn out disastrous (like everything else you do in magic).
Those of us with any kind of actual experience with such a thing will usually tell you the reality of it, being it doesn't always end up with obsession and the grueling process of detachment to look forward to. No, sometimes manipulation of will can turn out just as planned.
However, there is always going to be aftermath, always. Everything has consequences, both good and bad. If a practitioner actually dares to mess with free will it is suggested they be ready for those consequences. In fact that's suggested for any kind of magic use. When it comes to working against free will a person should really ask them self if they are willing to prepare for and deal with might come after.
It is not necessarily wrong to do something just because you'll have to clean up your own mess, it just means you need to be at a particularly mature level before doing because you're going to have a mess and you may not want to clean it up but you still need to. For your sake and others'.
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