Need some help.

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Need some help.
Post # 1
Hello all.
I am new to this forum but not new to my abilities. Since I was little I have had the power to manipulate and feel others' energy. I stopped after a really bad experince when I was about 17, and rediscovered my faith in Christianity. For some reason now, at 31, about 4 weeks ago my body started finding kindred souls to connect with. I can feel my Mom, my estranged husband, and have a deep, almost soulmate like connection with a new love interest. I was never this powerful before. I can get into dreams, read thoughts, and actually heal ailments. My mother, who is a devout Christian, is shocked and somewhat scared by this, although she feels my gift may be a blessing from the Holy Spirit. I am entranced by the strength I have, but somewhat weary and unsure what to do. Has anyone gone through this kind of awakening before? I'd really love some guidence. Thanks!
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Re: Need some help.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
It is a common misconception that magick is not a Christian thing. Prayer is magick, church is a ritual. Christian healers have been performing miraculous things for a long time.

No one really knows for sure where the power comes from. My personal opinion is that it comes from the divine spark we were given by God. God made us in His own image...with a tiny piece of His power.

There are some types of magick that are not allowed by Christian doctrine. Necromancy, blood magick. Really it depends on the type of Christianity. In the original translation of the Bible's "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live", the word "witch" did not mean "wiccan", it meant something more like "necromancer". The Christian belief is that the spirits of the deceased should be allowed to rest, not be pestered. It makes more sense if you do your research.

There is nothing evil about magick, just like there is nothing evil about any specific ability (art, sports, mathematics). The good or evil rests entirely in WHAT you do with any abilities you have.

There are a lot of Christians who would argue with this...but it's just because of that stupid old mistranslation. Many many things like that in the Bible. It's sad really.

Use your strength or do not as you choose. I would advise caution when discussing this with Christian friends. Even if you tell them about the mistranslation, they probably won't believe it. I hope this information helps you with your uncertainty.
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