I just need some help..

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I just need some help..
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Okay so lately I've been meditating a lot and you know balancing my chakras working on my energy and third eye..and it seems that When im relaxed or meditating and I think of me and someone(our relationship/friendship) and its like a road comes up and i go down it seeing our "path" or the future (and I know it's just an OPTION of what MAY happen) but Most of this has never happened before until I opened my chakras and I feel like i'm developing something that has been dormant but I have no Idea I have pretty good intuition likr my friend recently started talking to this girl and I got really bad vibes around her and felt she wasnt good and two weeks later tehy're having problems with their relationship and when I was relaxing/meditating I focused on them and saw a path that MAY happen and I dont know Its really weird but I accept it and believe its spirits/higher self talking to me and telling me things but dont know

Does anyone have advice? Or know anything about this? I feel like its clairvoyance of some sort but i dont know...Plus I really would like to practice this more to get

Thank you, Blessed Be!
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Re: I just need some help..
Post # 2
Well, you are meditating and focusing on one thing. Maybe you can see visions. If you want to know something, your mind is trying to search if there are solutions, and so it comes into visions. That's my guess at least. Blessed be.
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Re: I just need some help..
Post # 3
I "see" things a lot too. Sometimes they are relevant sometimes it's just my mind making them for me. Everyone is different when it comes to this. I would recommend just taking note of what you see and at the very least be aware of what you may be seeing and what it might be telling you. Perhaps try some forms of divination, that may help.
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Re: I just need some help..
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
at Jiggy ive been trying to do divination but its like something is blocking me from seeing anything...maybe Im juust not concentrated enough?
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