Animal Totem: Red Fox

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Animal Totem: Red Fox
Post # 1

Hello everyone, i am really interested in in animal totems as well. So i thought i would make this post on the Red Tail Fox. I believe that the Red Tail Fox is one of my main animal totems, next to the oriole. I have a very strong connection with them and i hope to learn more about them. Red Tail Foxes are really beautiful animals.

Animal Totem: Red Tail Fox

With the exception of toy breeds of dogs, foxes are the smallest members of the canine family, being about the size of a domestic cat. The red fox is the most common. Other subspecies of fox are the fennec, swift, gray and Arctic.

Fox represents cunning, wildness and diplomacy. She also is a warning to keep ones counsel, when to hold silence and when to break silence by quietly observing situations, then deciding what words to use. Fox, like Coyote is also seen as trickster. Because Fox is most often seen at the Between Times, dawn and dusk, she is seen as a guide into the Faerie Realm.

The Welsh regard seeing one Fox as a good luck omen, sighting several at one time is ill luck. They believed that witches could transform themselves into Foxes. During the Middle Ages, Fox represented the Devil.

Native American Symbolism

Fox represents shapeshifting, being invisible and the female magick of camouflage. Her power cycle is dawn, dusk and at night. She has a long positive history of magick and its associated cunning.

Cherokees believed Fox could prevent frostbite. Apaches legend is that Fox killed the evil bear and stuck her tail into fire, stealing its flame for the people. The Choctaws belief is that Fox protected family unity.

Fox teaches how to gain confidence in ones ability to see into the near future and to use camouflage in observing what is happening in the present.


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Re: Animal Totem: Red Fox
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Thank you for this much needed informative post. As you know, I love these types of posts. Great job.
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Re: Animal Totem: Red Fox
Post # 3

Thanks I am glad you liked it.

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Re: Animal Totem: Red Fox
Post # 4
Thank you for this post, you know I actually had a dream about a red fox in the woods. I dreamed I was trying to save a little robin bird from it. The fox was a beautiful red color. I can remember thinking how pretty its tail was. The little robin bird couldnt fly and well I was just trying to save him/her in my dream. Thank you for the post. I enjoyed it very much.
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