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Post # 1
Hello SoM my name is Miguel and i am new to this site. I've already read through newbie central and found the information very useful, but I still have many questions. Such as what should I start with? I'm sure I can't just jump head first into spell casting and hope it works on the first try, is there anything you recommend I do first before I start casting? I have an open mind and I am very eager to learn.
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Re: new
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Welcome to SoM :)

I would start by gaining a fundamental understanding of magick in general. Perhaps read about the nature of magick, it's past, the different paths and uses of magick, etc.

Most people then suggest you learn "the basics". Type that phrase into the search bar and you'll find several forums dedicated to describing the basics. Read up on them and understand them.

Before jumping into spell work, read up on what a spell is, how it works, etc.

Best of luck in your endeavors.
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Re: new
Post # 3
Hello Migell:) I suggest learning to ground and center. A good method is to find an energy center in your body, a pace that feels "central" to you, most people pick the stumache or head. This os centering. Then imageing either a pole of light moveing upwards from your head to the sun, and downward from your spine to the core of the earth, or a trees branches and roots, with u being the trunk. Many (but not all) experienced spell casters use this, some refuse to cast a spell without doing it. It is not the only place to start, but the better you get at it before you begin to cast spells, the better your spells r likely to be. Best of luck!
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Re: new
Post # 4
well, I botched up than. I read a long time ago, and did a report about wicca, in high school many years ago. I have all ready tried some of the just say stuff here, like the trinka five, because I have been unemployed for a while now, looking for answers, and some of the trust spells, on account of the fact there is some one who has lied so often, I feel he needs to be taught a lesson. Not to harm him, because I know the laws of karma, but to open his eyes, and stop the lies.
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