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Newbie Member...
Post # 1
Hello all -
I'm am brand new to the site; however, I am not neo-Pagan. I actually have been out of the broom closet my entire life. I began my studies around the age of 4 or 5 and by 8, I was writing and casting spells. I have been educated both with traditions passed down in my family, as well as through formal studies. I was raised primarily Celtic and Scotish on my maternal side, with some cajun and voodoo on the paternal side. I have spent a few years in training with the "Druid of the Northern Coast" of Ireland, I have been a Stregheria Seeker, I have taught both on and offline courses, I have been involved in a variety of covens and organizations, I am ordained as an Eclectic High Priestess, and I am a Certified Hoodoo Rootworker. I have been on my path for over 35 years.

I have studied a wide variety of things from Celtic, Diannic, Stregheria, Druidism, Native American Shamanism, Norse, some Wiccan, Santaria and Cajun. I reside in New Orleans, Louisiana and am beginning to get involved in the voodoo community.

I currently own an Etsy shop where I handpour spell candles, along with spell kits, hoodoo conjure items, herbal remedies and teas, gris gris bags and mojos.

I am here to learn, as well as share knowledge that I have. Not following any particular philosophy except my own, I do not fit a certain "path" - I pick and choose from the philosophies as I see fit. I am not Wiccan, and I certainly do not hesistate to put out "less than good" intentions, should the need arise. I do not cast a circle when I practice my craft, nor do I make any apologies for what I do. I take my responsibilities seriously.
I am an open book and have a great deal of knowledge should anyone like to chat.

With that being said, Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Inexplicable Things
New Orleans
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Re: Newbie Member...
Post # 2
Welcome to SoM. I hope your path is bright.

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Re: Newbie Member...
Post # 3
Hello: Welcome to SOM, I hope your journey is filled with enlightenment and many friends.
Blessings and peace:
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