How to find my power?

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How to find my power?
Post # 1
What is a good way to find what power or element or magic i have inside me. And whats a good coven where i can begin to find myself as a wiccan or witch?
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Re: How to find my power?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
As for the coven. That depe day on what you want to learn. Different covens teach different subjects. And then you have to be sure you meet the requirements for the coven when applying. Generally the covens tell you what requirements to meet in their description. If there are none then it's likely all you have to do is cluck the application link and wait for the high priest(essay) to accept you.
Every one has the ability to do magick dear. It's a matter of where your belief is, what your intend.t is, how well you understand what magick is and how well you can control energy.
Your powers and your ability to do magick rests with you. Only you can answer what your powers are.
As for your question on element. You can do some meditations to find out. Work with each element to see what you're best at or pick up fastest. You may already know what your element is.
If you would like more elaborations on any of this send me a message and I will further help you.
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Re: How to find my power?
Post # 3
There is no fireballs or sudden lightning coming from your hands. There is nI power in just saying you're a witch. Whether you beleive in a higher power is up to you. Everybody has power inside of them, it's just making yourself aware of that power that needs to happen. When you know yourself truly is when you will find the "power" you're looking for.
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Re: How to find my power?
Post # 4
Best thing to do is meditate in an open area away from people.. or atleast a quiet place
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