a weird dream I had.

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a weird dream I had.
Post # 1
I was just wondering if someone could interpret this strange dream I had during the weekend:

My friends and I were at school, hanging out in the stairs. Suddenly, we saw a ghost or demon coming for us and we ran upstairs. As we ran through the hall, we told everyone who was around and we all started running towards an exit. (ps this wasn't my real school) Through the door was a forest. More like a fake movie set forest, because there was a glass roof. We ran to the end of the forest room and there was a cardboard wall. Okay, now the dream got weird. The demon was coming for us, so we broke the cardboard wall. Behind it, the forest continued. We ran accross it and eventually came to another wall, this time one made of bricks. There was a crack on the left side of the room, enough for a person to go through and shimmy along the wall down there (it was maybe 5 feet deep) So I went down and walked along the wall. Everyone else followed. We soon saw huge, glowing golden gates. We went through and saw an enchanted forest. We were greeted by 9 foot tall elks with glittering antlers. Then I woke up.
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Re: a weird dream I had.
Post # 2
When I say 9 foot tall elks I mean 2 Elks that were 9 feet tall, not 9 elks that were a foot tall.
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Re: a weird dream I had.
Post # 3
I had a dream once i stabbed Obama nothing will ever be more weird then that well maybe the elks are
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Re: a weird dream I had.
Post # 4
I say that it was just a dream. But, that's just me. I think that not all dreams have meanings.
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Re: a weird dream I had.
Post # 5
I think it means you feel like you can lead others from trouble to safety by going through obsticles.

The demons an ghost mean ofcourse that they are the danger.

The school and children which follow you mean you feel that the responsibility in the area you occupy is in your hands.

The fake movie set forest means and the cardboard wall means your searching for a way out and some things that get in your way could be people or situations may seem like something els but you know it's not and may get in your way but you can find a way out

The brick wall in your way can mean you feellike sometimes it's a dead end but you canfind a way through even though it's time consuming or difficult.

And the golden gates and passing though to meet elks can mean spiritual reward,you went through that ordeal lead everyone to safety and manage to survive.

Hope this helps.
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