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Post # 1
I know a lot of people who are bipolar (they have an imbalance of the brain which causes mood swings). Is there a way to treat that, such as focused meditation, chakra work, energy manipulation?
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Re: Bipolarity
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Meditation, working with your chakras, and even healingyour chakras can help with it if done properly, but may not necessarily solve the bipolar mood swings as a whole. Medically speaking (though I am no doctor) seeing a psych doctor to get prescribed medication geared for treating the disorder can help, but can make it worse depending on the type of medication, the milligram, and how the body reacts to the medication.
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Re: Bipolarity
Post # 3
What if the drs cant get it right and you are suffering way to much...wicca is were i am turning there anything magic to try..please..
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Re: Bipolarity
Post # 4
Scientists for the first time were able to prove that the risk of having a bipolar disorder, clinical depression and other severe mental illness is associated with mutations in the same section of a chromosome that serves as a confirmation has not yet proven hypothesis and provide a deeper understanding of the causes of severe mental illness, the authors believe the study published in the online edition of Nature Genetics.
Besides medication an integral part of the treatment of bipolar disorder is continuous psychotherapy, or "communication therapy," or scientific "psychodrama." During therapy, you can discuss your feelings, thoughts and behaviors that cause problems. Treatment of communication can help you understand and eventually solve any problems that prevent you from living. It will also allow you to continue medical treatment and help you cope with bipolar disorder that can affect your social life and ability to work. In addition, thanks to therapy, you will be able to increase their self-esteem.

Among the types of psychotherapy that can help you deal with bipolar disorder are the following:
Behavioral therapy. Recreated the behavioral models to cope with stress.
Cognitive Therapy. This approach assumes that the patient must learn to identify and change the mindset that accompanies a change of mood.
Interpersonal therapy. Uses relationship and aims to reduce the stress caused by the disease.
Social rhythm therapy. Allows you to enter and adhere to the daily routine.
of the magical rituals of methods may be advisable to get rid of depression
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