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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Hypocricy?

Post # 1
Hello and blessed be. Why is it that the same people who say they believe in magick are the same people who would not when you've told them that some thing of an unbelievable nature happened even if you're telling the truth. In my personal opinion, let those who are still learning try out whatever it is they want to do, remember an experience for you is not the same as an experience for someone else. Before you shoot down someone's dream, remember that 'cause if you have the attitude that you know all then you're no better than those Christians who say they love everyone and yet practice racism.

If you're tired of relpying to the same question like "how do i become a vampire?" then don't and let the person try and try until who knows?...
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Re: Hypocricy?
Post # 2
Its found every where and so is racism not just in Christianity. The thing with beginners is especially if they found magick on their own often get curious about it because of a book or t.v. shows. A lot of this path gets blown way out of proportion especially by hollywood. True teachers of magick often point out reality from fiction. Its not crushing a dream but rather correcting what is possible and what is not. For example turning into a mythical creature that doesn't exist on either the plane. That's not possible period. True everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but keep in mind that you have to be able to sort through the rubbish and reality and you'll go far.
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Re: Hypocricy?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I don't think anyone here would dare to believe that they could possibly know everything. I think what you are saying has some merit. However, some things can be dangerous to try and we have to steer people away from that. Trying to change your form (to vampire, werewolf, dragon etc.) has not yet worked, but if someone really tried, for real, they would be liable to use all of their energy up and cause complications or even kill themself with stress. But theories aside, these kind of things would be better handled by saying it hasn't been done and leave it at that.

On a side note, it's probably not a good idea to name a post "Hypocrisy" because most people, especially the people who you hope to talk to, won't open a post that looks in any way like criticism.

Blessed Be

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