I'd like some help please

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I'd like some help please
Post # 1
I have this horrible dilemma that involves past lives, daemons, black, white and gray magic. There's more to it, but I really need help with anyone that will listen and to suggest what I should do.

I have a friend, a girl who believes this spirit that follows us is evil - and in turn being new to this spiritual and magical world, I believe everything she said. Until recently, I started to think about this thing following us. It wasn't evil. It didn't harm anyone but her, because of a past conflict she had with it. It didn't try to harm anyone but her, and I thought, why is it so evil then? It even helped me when spiritual pressure in my school was thick and making me sick. Honestly, she has been very sketchy lately and I rethink things she says but I know for a fact this spirit is not evil.

She is actually the person who hand taught me about spirits and magic up to this point, but she shares a body with another spirit and I think that it is starting to control her. I can't say anything because she will throw a fit if I doubt the spirit in her, since she practically thinks he's God. I would try to help but the spirit in her, which she has named Francois, is stronger than me both spiritually and physically. I keep a distance with her now but I still talk to her. There is also a story for the spirit following us,whom I have just recently found out his name was Bernard. I also have a spirit living within my body who has a past with Bernard, which I believe is also the reason why he does not harm me but Bernard also has a past with Francois but they have a negative clash.

Honestly, I really just want to know the truth of this past conflict since I can feel the spirit that inside of me but he can't or won't talk to me - he's not harming me in anyway either I don't mind him there - and even Francois is backing himself into this girl's body because he found out that my spirit in me is on good terms with Bernard. He never really tried to explain this whole conflict either. I was trusting that Bernard would tell me the whole truth, which I have asked my pendulum a long time ago. He also wanted to talk to me alone but I have no idea how, or where to start.

But I think, if I do I might be meddling in something I am not part of. Though, the girl had told me this 'Francois' is her past life and the spirit in me is mine, which I do believe because I remember things back from the 1500 in Germany and France - countries I've never been too. I also believe that Bernard is my girlfriend's past life, due to the fact that my own past life wasn't with me until late August of last year. And my girlfriend was the one who told me to trust Bernard, even though she couldn't see him, but she could feel some sort of close connection to him.

The story is a bit confusing, due to leaving out a few details but other than that it's what I know thus far. Bernard still follows me to this day, and according to my 'friend', she tells me he attack her - though I really think he's trying to attack Francois. I'm just not sure what to do anymore.

Right now, I'm trying to work with opening my Chakras and opening my Third Eye especially because I want to meditate and be able to try and speak with Bernard and or the spirit within me. But I have a hard time meditating or even concentrating at times to do it. I just don't really know what to do.
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No Subject
Post # 2
I believe bernard is your spirit guide and hes trying to protect you. Im not trying to offend you but your friend doesnt not seem to know what shes talking about. There are ways to talk to him that are safe
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Re: I'd like some help please
Post # 3

If it was my friend, I personally would bind the spirit in a way that it cannot harm her or anyone else. Bindings are fairly simple to learn and could help to protect both of you from this spirit.

Blessings xx


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Re: I'd like some help please
Post # 4
I have been told that he may be my spirit guide. But I have also heard that they do not show unless you are ready. He is here, and I have not seen him without being around certain beings within my friend.

He also has a past with, my past life who is within me, which is why I kind of find it difficult to believe he's my spirit guide as well. But he does seem to be protecting the other two involved in this - even though at times it doesn't seem like it. The only person he has really hurt would be her, and honestly he doesn't even hurt her that badly but because Francois has a lot of control over her body it's effecting her which makes it seem like Bernard's attacking /her/ apposed to attacking Francois.

But I guess, he could also be my spirit guide...I just don't think /I'm/ ready for one when I cannot even see or hear him.
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