Ap & time travel

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Ap & time travel
Post # 1
So, later night when I astral projected, I went back to a scene that I remember from when I was young. The difference is a friend whom has been dead since I meat him was there and was like wtf. Any takes on what happened?
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Re: Ap & time travel
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Working with energy/ap can somewhat transcend time. You are dealing with planes of existence that exist outside of the physical realm, wherein space-time exists. Theoretically (and having confirmed it in personal experience... if necessary I'll provide more details about an experiment) you can trace back energies or otherwise view other times, as well as other places, through these methods.

However, as it was a memory, it can also be just that... vivid exploration of a memory within an intensely meditative state rather than astral projection.
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Re: Ap & time travel
Post # 3
Thank you for your input.
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Re: Ap & time travel
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

That's really weird that I stumbled upon this... About a week ago I had a dream that I went back 5-6 years to change the events. Everyone in my dream looked younger even myself. May not mean anything though... This post just reminded me of it.

It was probably the most pleasant dream I've ever had.

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Re: Ap & time travel
Post # 5
I can't explain it much better than Awake here. Metaphysics are extraordinary similar and dissimilar to physical theory. Natural laws both apply and are defied. While it's not physically possibly to time travel, the astral planes can work as a sort of history archive which theoretically speaking makes it possibly to access past experiences.
You could think of it as taking a look into the memories of the world, it's not physical, but it still exists in some fashion. As with our memories, those of the astral planes can change and react with conscious which could explain why your old friend was able to interact with you.

But as Awake also explained it could just be your own subconscious affecting what you see and hear on the planes. Like manifesting thoughts and memories...reliving the experience mentally, if you will.
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