What is "true" magic to..

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> What is "true" magic to..

What is "true" magic to..
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
What do you believe "magic" is..... would you say these spells are fake, real, or just hoping for a miracle?
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Re: What is "true" magic to..
By: / Novice
Post # 2
by "these spells" you mean the ones her on SoM or in general? the ones on this site, hit and miss, keep your wits about you. magic is energy, you can 'bend' it, but it cannot change scientific facts. when i was younger i did believe spells worked, but i'm a logical and skeptical person, so over time i've kinda lost everything, while i still practice, collect spells, do spells for others, it's a strange thing to explain. it comes down to faith, and faith is tough to argue after all. i do not doubt my abilities, and i know why spells work, so it just comes down to my mood. this may sound odd, but some days i wake up more thoughtful and questioning than others. on those days i research and read because logic has taken hold lol. but i do believe in chants and potions. potions, for the most part, is herbs in water, so i understand better the reason why a particular one helped me feel better. but again, you can calk that up to psychological. my point is, with anything really, it takes a leap of faith, along with belief, it's a confusing thing, but you need to think, ask yourself 'does this sound like it will work?' and if yes, you need to concentrate, and cast it. if no, it won't work regardless of how much you want it to. [that goes for transformation spells and other physics defying spells]
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