electronic tarot decks

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electronic tarot decks
Post # 1
lately i have been playing with an electronic tarot deck. You can download these for onn yourn computer,ipod, smart phone. and basicly you can shuffle and draw from the deck and drag the cards into your desired spread before flipping them to read them. i find i can read it just as accurately as any real deck, and all probabilities are the same, but the energies arent there. Has any one else played with one of these? What are your opinions?
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Re: electronic tarot decks
Post # 2
I agree with much of what you said. I have tried the digital versions of the Goddess Tarot and the Rider-Waite Tarot decks.

I find that they yield the same results as any real tarot decks. Even though we are dealing with computer computations and not actual cards, as long as they intent is there, it doesn't matter. We don't actually see the cards until we have shuffled them, spread them, and drawed them.

As for the concern of energies, I have come up with two methods in which they can be incorporated into digital tarot card readings.

For the first method, I simply focus my energy on the device that I am doing the reading from, so I can be assured that I get an accurate reading.

For the second method, I visualize an actual tarot card deck and as I shuffle the digital one, the one I imagined shuffles as well. This way, at least in thought, the cards have some energy. I believe that perception is more real than reality itself.
This just helps me feel "connected" to the digital deck.

You may have to modify these methods slightly in order for it to work.
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Re: electronic tarot decks
Post # 3
im not saying it doesnt. every desk haas different energy, its not the energy of working with them if ind isnt there, its the pesonal energy cards cary. Each of my 28 physical tarot decks have different energies and feel differently. Originally i had downloaded this so that i could familliarize a deck that was in the mail. its the crowley toth deck. all of my readings. With them have been accurate so far. really i just wanted to dicuss them
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Re: electronic tarot decks
Post # 4
I see. I like the Toth Deck, it's blunt but honest. Thank you for sharing this information about the electronic tarot cards.
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Re: electronic tarot decks
Post # 5
deffinitelyn agree about the thoth.
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