Need a Spell for healing

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Need a Spell for healing
Post # 1
Hi does anyone know of any healing spells I can use to help my daughter. She suffers from depression anxiety and panic attacks, has pcos and epilepsy and is about three stone over weight. I have tried some myself but nothing seems to work so Im reaching out to those of you who have much more experience.
I am trying to chear her up but unfortunately she has a friend who was extremely nasty to her last year and they havent made up yet and this has taken a lot out of her, its almost as if this friend is toxic to her. Please help me.
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Re: Need a Spell for healing
By: / Novice
Post # 2
off the top of my head, i don't know, but i've got tons of spell books [some my own, most bought or acquired from people who are better casters than me] so i'd need to go through them all, but i think a confidence spell would help the depression, or if the depression is physical, a beauty spell. the confidence spell would help her break out of her shell a little while the beauty spell would [normally] give others the illusion of their vision of beauty. epilepsy, psoc, and panic attacks i don't think there's spells for that, maybe there are, but i don't know of any. the weight, i could give you a weight spell, unfortunately with all spells, but weight especially, you need to put in the effort. it will work, but not if you stick to your same routine. you can cast the spells, but your daughter then must get out a little more, possibly change her eating habit a little, maybe work out. you can go with her to make things easier, but spells can only work so far remember.
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