The path of necromancy

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The path of necromancy
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Since this subject keeps coming up I figured I would write a small diddy on what the actual path of necromancy is. So here goes.
Necromancy is one of the oldest and the most misunderstood paths in magick.Thanks to works of fiction such as H.P Lovecraft necronomican and zombie movies. Rest assured the only zombie you will find is people so drugged up they're almost catatonic state of mind. So no necromancers have to follow the same laws of nature as any other practitioner does. However, this particular path is found everywhere in one shape or another, nor is it exclusively working with the dead or the fine art of divination. This practice has been used for thousands of years to communicate with spirits to get a general point of direction, or to get a better understanding of the universe and the world around them. Contrary to popular belief, there's much more to it than working with death essence ( death energies ) however there's a ton of energy work involved along with meditation and astral work. Learning to read energies signatures is a must, among having the foundations of magick down to an art. The very core of necromancy is path working and being able to connect the dots of the why's and hows of the working of concept of a much larger scale. So it requires a ton of research of everything you come across including the entity you're working with. Because not everything you see will stay in one tradition.
Now why is there such a negative stigma attached to necro? There's a lot of speculation on that but the best educated guess would be that people fear death and everything that's associated with it , and yes that includes change. Death is a symbol for change in all cultures and for many pagan traditions a transition period in between the physical and the "veil". People often fear such a huge change because we simply do not know what awaits on the other side. Sadly it gets associated with being a " dark art" because of its nature or what people believe to be dark. If looked at on a much deeper scale its intertwined with every path and is more common than one can imagine. So no its not really a dark path in of itself. Just takes a willingness to learn and get out of comfort zones to reach your set goal.
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