Lesson 1

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Lesson 1
Post # 1
There are two key elements in spell-making and spell-casting. To differentiate, the making of spells is that wonderful time of intense debate in your head about what to gather together to make an effective spell whereas the casting is the actual doing of it.

The two indispensable co-ingredients are emotion and visualisation. With these two in combination the practitioner has at their disposal power beyond understanding.

Not one of us was conceived without emotion and I'll bet there is nothing that can be remembered that didn't have emotion attached in some form. Similarly the action of the poltergeist can be linked to the raw emotion of a petulant child.

I don't like the word visualisation as it smacks of those who proffer it in the 'make money quickly' sense and runs in tandem with auto-suggestion. However, other than to say picture it I have been at a loss to find a better word, even with the Oxford Thesaurus. Basically it means being able to envisage the end result.

In practice this is sometimes quite hard to do, but is nonetheless necessary to the casting of a spell. The best way I can describe it is to not put yourself in the picture. It is a common error to see what you want to happen and yet see yourself as though looking at the back of your head, putting yourself in the frame so to speak. That is just pure imagination. The key is to see it as you would as though you were standing there, through your eyes. This has a marked effect on the subconscious mind. 'This hasn't happened and yet there it is, clear as day. Therefore I have to make it happen.' Lord knows what it gets in touch with then, but by 'eck things begin to happen.

This is particularly potent where emotion is attached. I'll go even further and claim it's unstoppable.

That's it for now. The next lesson will be on orlog.

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Re: Lesson 1
By: / Adept
Post # 2
This person put some time into this lesson. It was buried on Page 26 of the forum.
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