I need help.

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I need help.
Post # 1
I'm new and I signed up to get spiritual help. My problem is that I can't decide what to do spiritually. For example, if someone left their ________ on the ground, I'm not sure wether to take it or return it. I can't decide to do what God likes or what Satan likes. (I'm 15 so this is so new to me, so spare me if i'm not saying the right person.) Basiclly I need help to stick with 1 type of decision.
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Re: I need help.
Post # 2
Remember to be patient is not something you have to chose right away, it may take years. Me personally I acknowledge my life experiences and knowledge is continually changing and growing and so do my beliefs.
This is my opinion, spirituality and religion have a fine line between the two and it is easily blurred. Spirituality is direct communion with the Divine, which is a journey solely discovered via oneself. In basic terms spiritualists seek to become One with the Divine, or realize that they are already One with the Divine, indivisible and eternal. However, the purpose of religion is somewhat different. Religion was created by people who wanted to pursue spiritual evolution. It is meant to give directions to enlightenment and ultimately union with the Divine.
The major inconsistency between the spiritualists and the religious is the pressure to follow authority. Religion which establishes rules and boundaries about who has direct access to the divine, and who bestows that access and the proper channels. Correct methods of worship and spiritual communication are prescribed, including what is permitted and what is not, if the follower does not corporate they are persecuted and/or cast out. I have found that religion can, at its worst, reinforce ego: self-righteousness, tyranny, prejudice, hatred, etc.
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Re: I need help.
Post # 3
I dont really believe in the definitive good or evil. I think that is more of a moral choice that is not really related to a good or bad. My first thought would always be that if I knew who the owner was, I would give it back. Not as it would appease any Deity, but as it is the right thing to do. If I dropped my wallet with my license in it, I would hope the person that found it would send it to me. If I dropped $20. On the street, I would not expect to get it back as there would be no way for anyone to know it was mine. I just do things that I believe is right. If a Deity does not like the things I do, then to me, that Deity does not belong being part of my life anyway.
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