Charging Crystals

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Charging Crystals
Post # 1

Since some people where asking about charging crystals, i thought i would make a post on my methods of charging crystals and gemstones. I know everyone has their own way of charging them but it thought i would share mine.

Energy Charging

This is the main method i like to use when it comes to charging crystals. I use my own energy to charge them. Its faster and plus i know more when the crystal or gemstone being used is charged.

I meditate for about 15 to 20 minutes or how ever long i feel. You don't want to rush this either. Take your time for when charging crystals. Crystals come from nature and from mother earth. I mainly use crystals for energy uses. I don't really use them in spells unless i want to or feel the need to. I usually visualize a white glowing light surrounding the crystal in my mind and when the glowing light stops glowing, it is charged and ready to go. You can visualize the light growing from light to a strong glow and then slowly fades off. Letting you know the crystal is charged. I usually feel a lot of tingling sensations in the palm of my hand while holding the crystal.

Moonlight Charging

I like to charge crystals with other ways also. I use moonlight to charge crystals if i don't have time to meditate. I take the crystal or gemstone placed in sea salt water in a crystal or silver bowl and place it out in moonlight for an hour or til midnight when the moon is highest peak. I usually charge when the moon is full or crescent. I do both most of the time.

Sunlight Charging

This is the very smiliar to moonlight charging only this time you are charging crystals in the sunlight. I take the crystal place it in sea salt water from dawn to noon. Where the sun is at is highest peak. I then take the crystals and place it back where they belong with my other crystals.

I hope this everyone. I really want to more post on using crystals and their properties.

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Re: Charging Crystals
Post # 2
i like ur moon chargeing idea, and its very traditional of u not to use crystals in spells. crystals are used for seeing (due to the fact there usualy clear/clearish). puting magic force throught them seems to mess up there clarity, and make them see ur fantasies more than reality (cuz magic is puting what u want into the world). a good vision crystal is charged, mabye been ritualy dedicated to viewing, and is usualy kept close and safe.
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Re: Charging Crystals
Post # 3
It's a good and informative post. Usually I cleanse anything before I charge it. Helps clear any negativity. Makes the process more easier.
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Re: Charging Crystals
Post # 4

That is good alph i was going to mention that in my post but i forgot about it when i was writing or not thinking about it at the time. It also good to cleanse them. I cleanse mine in sea salt.

Blessed Be

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Re: Charging Crystals
By: / Novice
Post # 5
i'll try the sea salt thing, normally i leave my crystals in the window at night and place them in a bad come morning for a month so the moon can charge them, then i place them in a drawstring bag of a particular colour depending on the cystals use [green=heath purple=psychic]
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