A Shamanic Journey

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A Shamanic Journey
Post # 1
I really love doing research on shamanism so i have been reading up a lot about it over the weekend. And i thought i would share this with the source included to read more about it.

Shamans divide the Spirit World into 3 parts: the Lower World, Middle World, and Upper World. The shaman journeys to different Worlds, while in altered consciousness, to accomplish different ends. A Shamanic Practitioner is skilled in guiding others on these journeys to help them accomplish a variety of things

Lower World:

The Lower world is generally where the shaman will go to meet power animals and other spirit guides. Guides are different from teachers in that they are the ones who will lead the shaman to the destination he/she is seeking. To enter the Lower World the shaman will go through a hole in nature. This can be a hole in a tree trunk, in the earth or under a water fall. It is important that the shaman choose a place that is familiar to him, so that he knows where and how to return. Once in the hole the shaman will journey through a tunnel until emerging into the Lower, Middle or Upper Worlds. Once in the Lower World the shaman looks for a guide to help facilitate the journey. Generally a guide will appear to the shaman at least three times to show the shaman that this is the one he is looking for. Once the guide has shown the shaman the information he is looking for, the shaman will take this information and follow the same path back to the original starting point of the journey.

Middle World:

The Middle World is generally accessed by the shaman when he is searching for information that applies to our life in this world, such as looking for a lost item or to determine who is responsible for a crime or other action. This journey is similar to the Lower World journey, in that the technique of the journey is performed in the same manner. It might be helpful as you begin this process to use a different entry spot for your Middle World journey. By maintaining different entry holes to the spirit worlds, you train yourself to notice the difference in these locations without adding confusion to the process. Again the shaman will journey through a tunnel until emerging into the Middle World. Here again guides are encountered who facilitate the journey. Once again the guide will show the shaman the information he is looking for, the shaman will take this information and follow the same path back to the original starting point of the journey.

Upper World :

This world is generally entered through a space in the clouds. If you have ever seen a hole in the clouds with a ray of sunshine shinning through, this is a perfect location for an entry point. The shaman will imagine himself standing on a hill or other high area and project himself up through the entry point hole. At some point a membrane will be encountered, this must be broken through to emerge into the Upper World. Here the shaman will meet with teachers and ancestors who will aide the shaman through training and who will help guide the shaman in his work. Again, when the process is finished the shaman will return via the original path taken to arrive at the destination.

At this point I would like to address a common question many people ask: Is this real, or am I making it up? The answer is simple. If you can control the images you are seeing in your journeys, you are making it up. However, if you try to imagine a different scene than what you are seeing in your journey and the scene remains the same and will not change, then you will know this is real. As you become more comfortable in your practice and continue to journey, you will begin to trust the images that are presented to you as real.

Another question I am often asked is are the Upper World and Lower World heaven and hell? The answer is NO. There is no correlation to heaven and hell with the Upper and Lower Worlds. Heaven and hell are aspects of modern day religion and have no real meaning in the shamanic practice.

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Re: A Shamanic Journey
Post # 2
in easter culture, there are 7,8,9 or more worlds/planes, ect. ones were time goes faster, ones where it goes slower. ect. shamans got there name from wereing deer hide shas. there r no real shamans anymore.. unless u were a deer hide sha... thought u mite wana know the truth bout shamans. heres a tip; sage is prety much a shaman, look into sages. (sounds a bit like "mages" dont it ;) )
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