Spell to mend ahurt heart

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Spell to mend ahurt heart

Spell to mend ahurt heart
Post # 1
My sister just broke up with her boyfriend and i was wondering of there are any spells to mean broken heart to help her through heart break.

So any info will help.
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Re: Spell to mend ahurt heart
Post # 2
i dont know of a spell but you should send some healing energy to her heart chakra, im a leo, a broken heart is one of the things i understand most, and make sure you give your sister some self esteem with simple words, their simple but they go a long way, i hope this helps
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Re: Spell to mend ahurt heart
Post # 3
There are spells for broken hearts, I have one from my high priestess some where in this mess, But as always it is better if you write one yourself, this will imbue your energy into your spell making it more effective. I wrote one it will give you the idea as how to write a spell," I cast this spell to mend a heart that now is broken, I cast this spell witha pure heart and words that are not token. Icast this spell in Goddess' name to heal the pain and hurt. To cause no harm this spell is cast, "So mote it be". This spell will work but it would be better if you wrote it.
Blessings and providence:
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Re: Spell to mend ahurt heart
Post # 4
I know this question sounds stupid, but are you sure that is what she would want? Pain is an important part of life, as unnecessary as it may seem. It helps us to learn lessons in life and remember them. Like burning your hand on a hot stove as a child. You will always remember through life that it is not good to place your hand on a hot stove. Heartache is similar in that it reminds you of what went wrong.

If she is suffering tremendously, you could write a simple spell for her that would help her to move past the pain. Reminding her that she is loved and cared for will usually help. Also she could carry or wear a rose quartz, which main property is healing and balance of the heart chakra.

If it is causing her stress, a bath with lavender oil can help to ease the tension and frustration. This would also be a good time to do some sisterly bonding. Find something that you both enjoy that would help to take her mind off of it. Playing a game, watching a movie, dancing around to happy music, going for a walk outside or any other activity that does not involve said ex. Love, light and blessings :)

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