Dreaming of Company

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Dreaming of Company
Post # 1
Rather then just mailing magiwoman about it, I might as well share the information with everyone. When I was younger I had horrid nightmares. A friend of my mothers told me I could pull her into my dreams when I needed her. At this time I could not comprehend how it worked, but it did. If I started having a nightmare, I would immediately think of my mother, or call out for her and she would pop up in the dream. The next day I would be all excited and thank her, discussing what happened. She would often be able to recall the same dream in great detail.

Now that I know more about magic, I know how it works. For one you would have to be able to lucid dream. You need to know you are dreaming in order to know to call on someone. You would also need to have some form of bond/link with the person. This is not so hard to manage. Many of us create psychic or energy links to those we speak with and do not even know it.

If you have the whole lucid dreaming thing down, I would suggest finding someone you trust to practice it with. The first few times, let them know you are going to call out to them. Make sure you are both going to go to sleep at the same time. When you start dreaming, call their name and focus on what they look like or any other memory you have of them that is strong enough to create a connection. When you wake up, write down what happened in the dream. Share your information with each other. It may take some practice or you might get it your first shot. Have fun and blessings :)

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Re: Dreaming of Company
Post # 2
Thanks angel...

As mentioned my sister and I do this all the time. We've been doing it since, I was 9 and she was 6. And it wasnt just nightmares, it was happy dreams, sad dreams, wierd dreams We knew we were pulling each other into our dreams, we just didnt know how we did it. Mum and dad, thought we were making up stories... lol.
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