psy/scry murdercase help?

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psy/scry murdercase help?
Post # 1
This is ment for anyone who could use any intuitive/scrying/spirit help to help me find out who killed my dads hunting buddy, and why. The man (went by his last name, Crites), was involed in two court cases, one against the state of __, wich whent all the way up to the supreme court, he was found guiltt, and revoked of his hunting license (his life was hunting, he was innocent [of powching deer] ). He when missing last June. His door was wide open, his wolf/dog hybrids were loose (if he left on foot, they would have followed), his truck was parked at his house, and his wallet and cellphone were inside. Last October, bones and pieces of flesh were found, chopped up, in several trash bags along the side of a highway withing about 20 miles of his home town. They recently identified the bones as Crites. My suspicion, is that it may have been related to the cases he was involved with. My dad is so upset. So any scryers, psychs, or spirit cominicators, could u please use ur skills to help solve this case? the full name of the man was John Micheal Crites, (Mike Crites). There is info and pics online if you need to be more aware of the man before scrying, tuning in, or spirit speaking, sorry if this was a stupid post, im just hopeing to gain some peace of mind. Thnx. -crypta
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Re: psy/scry murdercase help?
Post # 2
When I meditated on this case, my intuition showed it to be acquaintances of the deceist.It was a crime done to protect the guilty poachers, there were more than one, there are two individuals nearby in hiding within 50 miles from the murder site.They are in their 40's,Mike had hunted with them before.they used blunt force trauma to dispatch the person.They are on the verge of getting caught.they will get the max. penalty for their action. This is what my pendulum is showing to the questions asked, I hope this helps, but within 1 month they will be in custody. I can only pray for your father to have peace and closure the dowsing for info can sometimes be spotty at best, then at other times it can be right on.
Blessings and peace:
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