Fear when meditating?

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Forums -> General Info -> Fear when meditating?

Fear when meditating?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
When I meditate, everything's okay. I relax quickly and it feels great. But, I constantly have a feeling someone is watching me. With my eyes closed, I have a feeling my room is full of people or whatever kind of beings staring at me and trying to touch me. I feel like someone is staring in my face and just "floating" all around my room. Nothing bad happens but it's a weird feeling and it gets me quite scared. When I'm most relaxed, I have to open my eyes and lift up just so I can see nothing's there so the fear disappears. I'm not sure how to fix it. I ask for protection but still, that happens.
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Re: Fear when meditating?
Post # 2
My feelings exactly! Once I started meditating every day I also had this uncanny feeling of a presence right next to me. It turned out that it was my spirit guide trying to tell me something. Other presences also show up, and then linger a bit after my meditation and I even felt somthing touch my arm. But dont worry! When you meditate you are shutting out all distracting things and becoming more sensitive to spirit energies. Theres no reason to be frightened though.
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Re: Fear when meditating?
Post # 3
Hello: I would always cast a circle of protection say a prayer of protection and bless the area you are in. then I would do my meditation. If you need a prayer this is the one I use "The light of Goddess surrounds me, The love of Goddess enfolds me, The power of Goddess protects me, The presence of Goddess watches over me, and all is well. So mote it be.
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Re: Fear when meditating?
Post # 4
lets just say i have alot of experience with things watching me lol, my mom gave me some great advice. If there are negivtive beings in ur life, its becuase u let them be there. Rogeilo (sory for misspelling) was right. Counter act it with feelings of protection. Ask ur gardian angel for help, or whoever u worship or see as good. Also, if they are from your own mind, or not, it sounds like there trying to ruin ur meditation, nothing more. How can ur mind be quiet, when its thinking of being watched? not all thoughts are words..with frequent meditation this is learned. Good luck in overcomeing these things, oh, and my aunts advice she gave me back when i was terrified of polterguists and such; if anything out there was guna hurt u, it would have by now.. kinda vague, but helpful:)
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