Probability spell?

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Probability spell?
Post # 1
Is there a spell that can alter the probability of an event to turn it in my favor?

Now, mind that I'm not talking about gambling or the like.
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Re: Probability spell?
Post # 2
have u tried to write your own? my beilief is its not realy the spell u do, so much as how u feel about it. That seems to be why people like older spells, the feel athentic, but you can duplicate this. What things can u find a form of symbolism in that could represent probability? or say luck, or things like that? and also words are very powerful, bcuz sound is a strong sense. usualy people find rymes more meaningful. and incesne help to, that way u get sound, visuals, smell, and when u do whatever it is the action representing "casting", that coveres touch. And on the inside, the way it makes u feel covers the sixth sense. Hope this helps! Best of luck to ya!
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Re: Probability spell?
Post # 3
In a sense all magic alters the probability of things to come in your favor especially any spell that's supposed to cause good luck. For what is luck but random intervals in hwich probability seemingly works in your favor. Try tweaking good luck spells by including dice which are a symbol of chance in alot of different places. If oyur more of a Kinetics user you may want to brush up on microkinesis which is the supposed manipulation of matter on such a small level to alter probability.
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Re: Probability spell?
Post # 4
Writing your own spell or altering a good luck spell to suit this purpose seems like a good idea. Most magic is done with just a few simple things... thought, desire/intent, and projection of those. Find a way that works for you to focus on your desired outcome and meditate on it. You can add incense, candles, oil or any other tools that seem to connect to what you wish to do.

Personally I would anoint a white candle and focus on the desired outcome while it burns. Visualizing the desired outcome happening is one of the main parts of casting. Just by doing that your projecting your desires out into the universe. Love, light and blessings :)

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Re: Probability spell?
Post # 5
Look up Noetic Science. It is exactly what your looking for.

If you prefer a summary, here it is:
There is no such thing as a probability spell, not because it's impossible, but because we are constantly effecting probability (and other things, but that's not relevent) subconsciously just by thinking about...well, anything. However, there is a way to focus our mind and effect probability consciously, Sylvia Brown calls it manifestation. It is very difficult to explain how to do it without reading the book, but once you learn how you'll find it is very easy to do and requires almost no effort.
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