inseption, lmfao.....

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inseption, lmfao.....
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so i cant say i actualy watched the movie inception... i hide my head under a pillow... i had a feeling this movie was polluted.. Anyways, since then Ive seen my share of spoofs.. one, involed that there are dreams within dreams.. I wanted to share my intesting, nonlucid, experience with dreams within dreams, mabye to set that movies dum dum plot straight:) So in one dream I had, I saw a train. Mr.fruid said this has sexual contitations. A train? eww. lol I took of for "Training". Seemed kinda obvious to me.. Anyways, later on, this happened; My view of things moved out of my body like a camera. I could see myself walking from about ten feet up in the air, from an agle that was if i came out at the spot were pony tales usualy start. In my own voice, VERY VERY loudly, before I ever saw the spoof of inception, I heard "THERE ARE DREAMS WITHIN DREAMS, AND MEMORIES WITHIN MEMORIES". then i sorta sucked back into myslef. Then, this dream, gives me a direct example. I see something out of place, and wonder "how did this get here?" then boom! a very long, live long infact, memorie od this thing being somewhere in my house, then being moved to its current locateing, instanly poped into my head, the same way memories would (but in this memorie, there was no connection to my current location, i was in the memorie..) I came back, and had lost my chance of lucidity. It makes one think, do we cause lucid dreams? or do u get lucid when ur good and ready? and perhaps, the wrighter of inception had a very difrent experience (he is a difrent person after all), or he can get lucid, becuase he isnt ready. I thought this dream was intresting, thought id share, Anyone else had a Dream within Dreams experience theyd care to share?
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