How to get a lot of views

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How to get a lot of views
Post # 1
This post is designed to give out general information about how to post a well seen post to other people. I am just doing this to pass time so I might sound funny.

So you want to have a lot of views on your work but only getting 12 views? What if you want more replies than the other posts? Well here is a small review on making your online dreams come true (Warning, only has a 50% chance of making one dream come true, not all.).

The first thing is a term kidos. The term is Kiss. No not kiss as in getting to kiss a girl or a boy you like, but kiss as "Keep it Simple Stupid." I am not saying your stupid, just that you are stupid if you try to make it more than it really is. You see, we as people like things simple. If it is too long than we dislike that and throw it away, even if it is the secret to eternal life. You might be thinking, I would never turn down that offer, well how about if it is a book. And the book is more than 2000 pages long? Who is turning down what offer again? The point is no matter what the reward is, normally knowledge that we throw away once we sleep, if it is too long we shut down. So keep is short and sweet. Remember, Short and Sweet.

Another way is to ask a question. Even if you know the answer to it. If this answer only has one answer too it, than you will not go far. 2+2=4. 4 will be the answer no matter what and all others are wrong. But if you ask something like this, What is the meaning of life? You might get the answer, 42. But there is no proof leading that is the true answer, just a joke. If you ask that kind of question it will spark a lot of views + replies to what they think. Bouncing off ideas is what you are looking for, not an answer.

And lastly, you could start a game or joke. In some cases, this could be a hit and others it will fail like last due date on your cake. There are the classics, like the you can only say three words that will make a story game (or the one word for a challenge), the chuck Norris joke line (Now days it is a instead fail because Chuck Norris is in the WoW advertisement), or the knock knock jokes (Has a better chance than the word game).

Thank you for reading and hopefully I had passed your time away like it has with mine.

P.s. The reason for Chuck Norris is that the advertisement implies that he plays wow. Instead of working out, getting in shape, or kicking butt with his hidden fist in his chin, he is playing wow...
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Re: How to get a lot of views
Post # 2

LOL :)

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Re: How to get a lot of views
Post # 3
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