A few spirit questions

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Forums -> General Info -> A few spirit questions

A few spirit questions
Post # 1
First of all, hello everyone. There are several questions I would like to know about spirits in general

1) What are the different types
2) What do they look like
3) What are the things they can and cant do to humans when in their presence
4) Can they interfere in human relationships (ie, cause arguments between family members, friends)
5) What methodes do they use to communicate with people?

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Re: A few spirit question
Post # 2
i am no expert, but i do know one type of spirit, wich i am trying to get help to understand too. the ones i see are shadow people. they are dark, like shadows. it may be due to a wierd black spot in the far corner of each of my eyes.. they never talk to me, just seem to spy, and seem to be malicious in nature, and similar to old hag syndrom. only one, black as black gets, and with an odd clear glow, ever aproached me. i am clueless as to there intent, but the one i mentiond DEFINITLY wanted to scare me. I have used an ojia bored alone, and got the name "henry" out of it. I have also heard voices. Spirits like these seem to focus on places of murder, pain, violent crimes, angry people, and child abuse, or where they have previously happened. If you want to find malicios spirits, go to a place that just feels, or even is "dark". I wish i could inform you on pleasent spirits, but i havr no experience with them. I hope this helped u a little, and please, stay away from the dark side. it sucks. lol best of luck on ur spirit search! -crypatraz.
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Re: A few spirit questions
Post # 3
1)As far as I know, there are 3 kinds of spirits (not including shadows as I know very little about them). There are ghosts, which are dead people. Most are harmless and actually try to help out, it's only when they don't know that their dead should you do something. There are also daemons, which go by many names in different cultures, but in general they are creatures that live in the space between here and the afterlife and are no more or less good and evil than we are. Some magic users are able to summon daemons to do their bidding. The final kind of spirit that I know of is the angels. Angels are pure good and have the sole purpose of helping people whenever they ask, though they will refuse if it moves you away from you "path". (Note: I know very little about fallen angels, I think they are just daemons trying to place themselves in christian theology.)
2)Ghosts can assume any form, but we tend to view them as who they were in life. Daemons are true shapeshifters and the only constant throughout all their forms is their aura and their name. Angels, in my experience, have always appeared as winged humans.
3)Ghosts are rarely capable or willing of anything except talking, though poltergeists have been known to lift objects. Daemons, as far as I know, can take on as physical a form as us, but they also have the same energy limits as us (possibly more as holding their shape must take effort) despite having a larger "amount" of energy.
4)Daemons are unlikely to interfere unless commanded by their summoner and Ghosts and angels rarely intervene even when requested. However, people can "pick up" on the energy around them and be effected by it (ex: if there is an angry ghost in the room, the people in it MIGHT be more likely to have an argument).
5)I've only ever communicated with ghosts and angels. They've only ever spoken to me telepathically, though they sometimes effect objects and electricity around us to get our attention. John Dee and the Enochians claimed to have discovered the language of the angels, but I've yet to examine it.
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Re: A few spirit question
Post # 4
i should correct my mistake, shadow people seem to more like negitive projections of bad things in ur life, rather than actual "spirits". they are more like part of ur own spirit. sorry for my inacrasy..
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Re: A few spirit questions
Post # 5
1) there are alot of forms of spirits think of the term spirit like the term animal or organism there are thousands of different species kinds and crosses. Like elementals,ghosts,djinni,fae,daemons, genus loci e.t.c
2) they have many forms and alot of them can shapeshift but predominantly there form follows function must like life on the physical planes spirits which appear large strong and menacing may be attuned to the element of earth and need to display there powers as such.
3) it quite seriously depends on the spirit and wether or not there working of there own accord.
4) yes
5) ouija,mediums,crystals,tarot,dreams,omens,psychics, sense impressions,e.t.c just about anyway you can perceive your world.
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Re: A few spirit questions
Post # 6
Thanks very much for your info!
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