my take on the 4 elements

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> my take on the 4 elements

my take on the 4 elements
Post # 1
Well as you may know, zodiac signs have "elements", but everyone seems to want to be fire, because our inner fire. So heres my personal, unastrological, on the role of the elements in our lives. Water-outer experience, external factors. they flow, the change, wheb cold, it stops, when hot it evaporates and separates, liquid can be thick, or thin. it is made when oxegen in air, made by plants and hydrogen in fire combined, thus its trues form. Air-our thought. it blows when the earth turns. it moves the trees produced by water and eath. it feeds the fire, it blows at time, and stands still at others. it can be full of oxegen, or poluted by other things. it holds water at times, can be filled temporarily with earth, and be filled by smoke from fire. Earth-our values. the dont often change. it can be solid as a rock, or breakable as dirt. it holds the water, blows the air, and can suport the places of fire. it grows the oxegen, with the help of water, via plants, for the air. it can be molded my fire, water and air, but its a slow proccess usualy. Fire-the spirit. it burns passionatly at times, and sometimes barley a flame. it is in the sun wich gives us life, and inside us all. the wind feeds it, the water can put it out, as can the earty, or strong wind. If you chose to take the time to think about the placement of these, water-external occurance, air-thought, earth-values, firse-spirit, there are an endless amount of possibilities. perhaps this is what the ancients ment by all this, and mabye astrologicaly, they represent what effects us most, out outside forces, our thoughts, our values, and our inner will and deeper motives. reality in this plane could not be as it is without these four elements, and i am certain, niether could human life. I hope u enjoyed the read, and will take further time to see how they fit together this way. i layed in bed awake for an hoyr last night, and still could not find an end to the analogies. and also this way, every element can go together in some way. warm wishes-cryptatraz
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Re: my take on the 4 elements
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Nice to see someone with a point of view on the elements that falls quite in line with the nature of elements as they are viewed within traditional magical practice.
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