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New to site.
Post # 1
I joined this site in the hopes of getting some insite, advice for a few spells i will be writing and casting soon. My issue is i have a propensity to want to go to the dark side of my soul and want to wreak havoc and chaos. Although it would make me feel oh so good at the time, i know it will come back to me, even though first blood was drawn on me first.

Instead of messing with the free will, i need to bring out what is already there but not spoken or know out side of there thoughts. Kind of a nudge, if you will. When the words are spoken, there will be resolution.

I hope it put this in the right place, if not i will move it. By the way i am from St Louis, a homemaker, I'm 48. Want to know anything else, just ask!
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Re: New to site.
Post # 2
hello: Just a little story to guide you, My mother was a very powerful healer and witch, she always performed white magick for the good of all who asked her. One of our family friends was at odds with his conscience as he was contemplating going to the dark side, she asked him why and his reply was materialistic gain. She told him that the line between good and evil is very thin and we who practice the craft walk this balance beam. She told him once you do use your gift for evil it becomes a karmic burden and will mark a rapid descent. I will always remember that conversation and strive to be the best I can at healing and casting to benefit those who ask. Just my two bits worth of advice from someone whos been on this plane for 60 years.
Blessings and peace:
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Re: New to site.
Post # 3
That is exactly why i don't want to go there! There karma is bad enough right now with what they made happen. I see it and don't want it to be me. I just want the really truth to come out. When that happens. The situation will be resolved.i want it out in the open, instead of hidden. Its already there but unspoken.

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Re: New to site.
Post # 4
We all have this dark side. It comes from being hurt, and a lust for power. Remeber, if the people who hurt u had stayed to the good side (of life,not nessisarily magic), u would not have ever even known of a dark side. Be the change u wish to see, do u want ur prosterity hurt? or in a better, happier world? I did a revenge spell once....still comes back to haunt me. Mess with free will-lose ur own... I was forced to love someone i did a revenge spell on. me being there in his life was my revenge, me loveing him, and constantly being hurt was his... stupid example yes, but an example nune the less. as for new to this advice, dreams are an amazing tool, they are more than visions, and visions r pretty cool right? Do things witg good intent, if u want good result to make ur life better. Ur a human, not a magnet. likes atract like in a non metalic world. Please keep that in mind. and advice for casting; use what is symbolic to YOU.
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