tring to find my identity

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tring to find my identity
Post # 1
Hi everyone! I am a todal noobie here, so i guess introducing myself is a good place to start. I chose my name cryptatraz, because an inbuilt love of mystery and astrology (combo of crypto and alcatraz the star). Most people seem to have a name for what they are, psychic, clarvoinant, have "esp", occultist, magician, even vampires and werewolves! me, i realy dont know. My bro is a lucid dreamer, by nature, and gets stuck in sleep poralisis. My mom and me saw shadow people in our youth, but i never stoped seeing them, even had an uo close and personal encounter. I have seen one aura, it was very bright and glowy yellow. I am a taurus, neck "oriented" and can see an aqua blue color while staring at my shoulder area (as if i were seeing the chakra). I have had one lucid dream, and one sleep poralisis experience (thanx to my bro). I have been able to give other people dreams, just by thinking about giveing them a dream of me. I have an inate ability to read people, and understand body language (then again, who doesnt think that? lol). I have heard srange voices while alone, had many precognitive dreams, practiced "magic", if thats what ya call it around here, for years, anything from voodoo to clasical, catagotizable stuff. I have always been pulled into anything new age and occult. Also, i recently started believeing in vamps. Not necisarily the blood kind, but the energy kind at the very least. My moms side of the family has lots of psychic abilities between family members. I realy have no clue what I believe or even what to call myself, but I do believe in fate, and that all the strange occurances in my life must have happened for a reason. I would love any advice from anyone on any of these subjects, particularly shadow people, lucid dreams, atral travel, auras, chakras, psychic abilities, and definitly on spells. So please, do not hesitate to share what u know, and help me find a correct label for myself and my natural abilities. thank for reading!-cryptatraz
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Re: tring to find my identity
Post # 2
You are a gifted individual, and your gifts are a wonderful expression of who you are. It is great to see where you fit in this magickal world, I would use your intuitive gift to discover your true path and seek your destiny.I wish you well in your journey.
Blessings and providence:
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Re: tring to find my identity
Post # 3
I have many natural gifts. I was allowed to make up my own names for them and am still learning maybe more appropriate names for things or just different names. I have known things since I was very young and would correct people if they said things that were in my opinion wrong and show them what I knew to be the truth or rite way of doing things.
My family changed some of the craft things when they came to the country so it would go unrecognized by others, but I kind of hindered that when I was young. I started playing the role of what is today called the high priestess when I was somewhere between 5-9, but even though I know the name, I chose not to use it, but I dont know why. I went through the stage of who am I and I still do at times, but I think everyone does its just that people with abilities have a bit more difficulty finding others like them.
In a way, I always knew who I was. I think it was that it was just hard to not be like other people and feel like no one really understood me. After I came here and started reading the posts and talking to people I didnt feel crappy about my abilities anymore. I am not going to lie to you and tell you I understand everything I do now and it was this wonderful cosmic change as all that really happened is that it really did not matter anymore. I was asked to join a coven and was walked through the application process, I meet people similar to myself, I made friends with people that I can go to and say this is what happened I know it and they dont ask the stupid questions of o well how do you know this, they just understand that I know things that I cant explain. I still question my abilities at times, but somehow it just seems less important.
Ok, my nice advice is done for the day. I hope you find your way to peace, happiness and understanding. If you need help with anything, feel free to send me an e mail.
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Re: tring to find my identity
Post # 4
You are indeed gifted. I suggest that you take your experiences and write a book, for books let us glimpse that which is beyond sight.
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Re: tring to find my iden
Post # 5
Your creative gifted and lucky to have a family that has been wiccan my family finds out im hanged but welcome and enjoy here at somxD
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