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Psychs? Experienced?
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So i despritly need the help of either a strong and effective psychic or a very experience, powerful spell caster, perhaps even an occultist (wich is how I [lightly] label myself). Theres this boyo, who i love as a best friend, and as more than that. I care for him very deeply, but he bring bad things into my life, (i blame the return of a revenge spell i casted years ago). Love spells seem to have an effect on him, but the more I use them, the longer and less they seem to work. Then, i tried voodoo, a doll to be specific. Instantanious results, but the more I used it, it also workd less and less. And recently, while very angry at him I made a terrible mistake. I cut his voodoo doll into a hundred tiny pieces, as well as atempted to inlist the help of demons. He is at a point of completly ignoring me, and i cannot realy blame him becuase ive done some awful things to him (usualy on accident). Now Ive been trying to send messeges via dreams, wich I tend to have a natural ability to do, but if he is recieveing (he is terrible at dream recall), he is not responding. So i realy need two-three things here. One, a very quick and powerful love spell, or some variation to atleast get him to talk to me so I can win him back over. Two, i could use the help of a psych. I feel he is my soul mate, and that we have a very deep connection. I was wondering if anyone can sortof, tune in, and verify this or tell me otherwise. And three, he has some incredible secret he does not tell anyone, but i know its there, and I think he wants me to find it out on my own, so once again, a psychic could do wonders for me. I dont wish to know his hole secret by being told, if that were even possible, but I could use to be pointed in the right direction, and when i dont haveto use my dreams to try and find a way to get him back, I intend to use them for hints into this. So first and formost, if anyone has a powerful, fast working love spell, I despritly need it. Particularly voodoo, but il take anything. just powerful and fast.
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