Disturbing dream meaning?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Disturbing dream meaning?

Disturbing dream meaning?
Post # 1
I know that not all dreams have a meaning. I often dont remember all of my dreams, only bits and pieces of them. Last night I had a dream that I remember every detail, and it disturbs me. I was wondering if anyone does dream interpretation and can help me out.

I dreamed that I was at my Ex-husbands house, he had a large house with many rooms. He had a very tall amazon looking woman as a housekeeper/ nanny, while I was there I was making up a bed and she came out of the bathroom wearing a diaper and nothing else. That was weird enough, but then she got dressed and left, saying that he will call her when he needs her.

The dream skipped to my ex and I riding a red bicycle into town. We were both on one bike and he was on the back. We got a flat front tire. We were pushing the bike after that. we were going all over town looking for a specific place, but didnt find it. Then I assume we left the bike because it was no longer a part of the dream. We were walking through a tunnel of sorts that had many people in it. To the right was a large round green stone glowing fountain and glowing lights, with bleachers around it. He went and sat on the bleachers and I continued on into the tunnel, but it got very dark and noone else went that far. It was as if the tunnel wasnt meant to be explored any further. As I went further I got an uneasy feeling because the walls were no longer stone they were dirt, and there were piles of dirt everywhere and it was really dark. I heard him calling to me to come and check out a fish in the fountain. I was annoyed with him but went to look anyway.

When I got to the opening where the bleachers were, I heard my phone ring, but I couldn't find it to answer it. I finally found it in my sock. I thought how weird. I got the phone out of my sock but couldn't figure out how to answer it. It wasn't my phone, it was a very advanced phone with many gadgets. I was angry that I couldn't answer the phone because it was my boyfriend calling. I really wanted to talk to him. I went to the bleachers and asked my ex, what he had done with my phone and that I wanted it back. I had several pictures in my phone that I didn't want to lose. I also had saved many texts that I didn't want to lose. He said he didnt know what happened to my phone and that this was a nicer one anyway. I got angry with him and started yelling at him that I wanted MY phone back.

I knew he had done something with my phone and had replaced it with the new one. He grabbed the new phone out of my hands and was like "look, see it does alot of cool things". I told him I didn't care what it did, I wanted MY phone back.

He was sitting beside me on the bleachers by the fountain and there were several other people around, including an older man in front of us. It was like we were waiting on some type of show to start. We were sitting there with a blanket across our laps. My ex started kissing my neck and at first I liked it but only for a second, then I got angry at him and told him to stop it, that his game wasnt going to work.

The older man got annoyed with us and told us to stop it.

My ex gave me the box that the new phone came in, and in the box was more gadgets like a game system (of which I know nothing about). I said this is all fine and good, but I really just want my plain ol phone back. I actually begged him to give it back to me.

Then I woke up.

Does anyone have a clue what this means? I know that some dreams are just that, dreams, but this one wont get out of my head for some reason.
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Re: Disturbing dream meaning?
Post # 2
The sight of you Ex-Husband is something in the past that is returning. The amazonian woman is something from far away is going to be close and you will indefinitely think it's weird. The bicycle means going places. The flat tire means that you will stop in one of the places you go. The many people means many things or many objects that will get in your way. The tunnel means you may need to take another route to reach your destination. The green stone on the right means many good things will come. The fountain means that the good things will continue to follow. The lights mean that someone will light the way. The bleachers mean that you might want to sit and think awhile.
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