Sweet Dreams Pillow

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Sweet Dreams Pillow
Post # 1
After weeks of having messed up dreams and constant waking, I came up with this idea and tested it. I hope someone else finds it useful as well :)

Take a two by two square of fabric that is breathable (cotton is good) and fold it in half. Sew two of the open sides up so that it looks like a small pillow case. With a mortar and pestle crush/mix a combination of lavender, chamomile, sage, pine needles, and catnip. For an added boost you can sprinkle in a few drops of jasmine oil. Mix this in with a small amount of poly fill for your pillow ( or feathers/flax seed ). If you have been having others intruding on your dreams, you can add 9 straws from a new broom to help keep them at bay. Stuff in your pillow and sew up. Whether just a placebo effect or an actual mystical treatment, you are now ready to enjoy a good nights sleep :)

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Re: Sweet Dreams Pillow
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
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Re: Sweet Dreams Pillow
Post # 3
Madangel: that is a good mixture,here is one that my Old high priestess gave me and when i make it for anybody else as soon as I hit the pillow I am out til the next day. here goes the mixture, bergamot oil, calendula blossoms, catnip, chamomile blossoms, henna, hops, lavender oil, linden blossoms, marjoram,mullein, patchouli oil poppies and poppy seeds, tuberose,valerian, vervain, and vetiver oil. As always I cast my circle and proceed to mix the dry ingredients, once this is done add 6 drops of your oils to the mix and stir. I made the little pillow for the mix and sewed it shut after stuffing it with the mix. You need not have all the ingredients but it seems to work better when you use three or more. just a different mix that you may find beneficial to have in your library of goods.
You don't have to sleep on it but keep next to your head on the night stand.
Blessings and providence:
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Re: Sweet Dreams Pillow
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Thanx, those are very good i also like to say if you want to a very additional help to prep your room prior to going to sleep i use a oil burner from a ceramic hold those of which have the tea light candles under them sorry can't remember the proper name for it an i burn lavender oil, or a sweat pea jasmine mix is great not to sweet but very relaxing or also a lilac oil or even a lilac mixed wit lavender great combination...
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Re: Sweet Dreams Pillow
Post # 5
Thanks for the other useful suggestions guys. I will have to give those a try if my sleeping issues come back :)
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